Hard to Educate


Saint Louis
United States

Why is so hard to educate yourself.

So hard to get a scholarship.

So hard to to pay for school.

So hard to receive assistance.

It's just so hard.


You may sit around and ask youself.

Do I want to continue going to school?

Should I pay for my classes at my school?

Can I even afford to attend this school?

College is an expensive school.


When you need help all you have is yourself.

You work all these hours to pay your self-established bills.

You work so hard to pay those school loan bills.

You work so hard to pay those school classes bills.

All these bills, that you have to work hard to pay.


Will it pay off in the end for yourself.

You don't know because sometimes you want to give up.

You don't know because you only depend on you.

You don't know because you don't pray enough.

You don't know if it will all pay off.


Why is it so hard to educate yourself.

When you know that education is something,

Something you want to do.

But sometimes what you want to do,

is the hardest thing to do.

It's the most expensive thing to do,

when you are doing it yourself.

You cry, "Somebody help me"

But nobody is there to help.

So you cry and you pray.

And you wait.

And maybe one day,

maybe one day, it won't be hard

to Educate.



I wrote this poem based off the fact that I am struggling as a single student to afford college. But it seems as if nobody cares but God. All I want to do is graduate.

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