The Future of America

I see a grand institution

Separate yet I'm still one of the gears

Smokestacks pouring out CO2 pollution

Been doing so for over 200 years

Enough, why don't we take the lead on clean green energy?

It's not like having a bit less greed means gangrene or leprosy

Universal Healthcare, let's add that to the recipe

We're supposed to be great but got distracted by hate

I Fear for our fate, wait let's start with a clean slate

Our anthem is as patriotic as it is racist

So is our foundation, sorry I had to say this

The government needs to be reigned in

Our citizens will not be complacent

A new picture is about to be painted

A united society with solid distribution of food and wealth

Where searching for a good time won't have to be done in stealth

Our books don't just collect dust on the shelf

Religion may be practiced, separate of State, while science holds the belt

Build Prison and Education systems designed to put adults in the real world

Teach the power of consent, and quit sexualizing young girls

We can't put a number on how much this country is worth

But it will be the rise or the fall of humans on our Planet Earth

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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