Quasi Man - Man Of The Future By Nikolai Bartossik

ICARUS - a stiffened dream of humanity in his desire - to fly
Space ships and airplanes is not full of human feeling
that this dream has come true
Our mind want to traveling around the stars and distant worlds
Just as a ray of light flying in the infinite space flying and our minds as if competing for speed, immediacy and distance in the universe

is not to build material values serving our comfort
The final product of humanity is to achieve the biggest dream is -

To make these dreams come true of the need to create a New Man
Today's traditional man - a catastrophic combination of animal-based and universal mind
Our animal bodily foundation can not withstand our soul and our mind
Trying to find the reconciliation between balancing doomed
Medicine can not solve the problem of eternity because
it is inherent nature there was
A person does not provide replacement parts
Eternal Mind and Soul -
But corruptible body
And the whole earth's biological substance frail and sickly
Traditional Man will not be able to survive in the infinite power of constant vulnerability and dependence on external factors
Man must break through and get rid of all perishable and temporary
Never in the history of the world, no philosophy, religion or any other scientists could not explain the beautiful young Woman -
why she should grow old
After all, the youth must be eternal!
But no medicine and no opening unable to help
until the person for the time being will is combined
with his base animal death



The man on the threshold of eternity
For eternal life was one step
The 21st century will create the New Man, and he will be eternal
Out salvation of mankind lies in its replacement by animal-based
And this foundation is intended to replace the man himself
But this problem can not be solved by medical science
We need new technologies and new look at the nature of Homo Sapiens
Let's see what is the most important substance in man -
Everything else - from the animal
But paradox is that it is an animal with all its functions must energize our mind and our soul and we both bore and pull down
The challenge is very clear -
to find another source of energy and to adapt it
to power our Mind and Soul
And only will be created automatic processor provides physical and mechanical movement of our limbs and organs of the body
which will be equipped with the thinking center of the copied mentally thinking center with characteristic and specific person -
everything -

ALL ITEMS NEW MAN - 100% interchangeable
No biological flesh, no nerves
But all the pain and nervous tension may be found in the memory, and who wants to feel what they can to the desired time to include these states
Its design and shape are made of durable materials able
to withstand space travel
A brain - computer with all the knowledge of humanity and the aspirations of humanity +
and the ability of a single person individuality
All of the near space environment is composed of dust, asteroids and other fossils are not alive,
radiation and also studied and the unknown energies
To successfully master the space needed and
by consist of the same materials as the space
And use the same cosmic energy
Ordinary earthly man is not master space
Attempts to send people to other planets basically doomed
In space, the people of the earth to do nothing
Therefore, organizations such as NASA especially when space exploration is necessary to work on the creation of a New Man
who will be able to survive in outer space as easily
as meteorites and asteroids
Those high costs which mankind will spend on military targets need transform to aim at creating Eternal Life

When I build a Noah Ark for the film Noah Ark
there biblical people lived 800 years, and it's not a lot to
and to understand the essence of life and make plans
And when I was in Cancun, Mexico, and looked into the azure ocean
I felt that I could look into the ocean 30 years
We need to live a long time for the creative knowledge of the world
The conscious and subconscious New Man disappeared instinct animal that is stronger than any gravitational pull human and
his thoughts down to earth and created all the problems and tragedies And often make an already intolerable lifetime in existence
And the realization that suddenly joined
the eternal mind and soul with a temporary
and painful to animals and was the biggest tragedy of life
But a man tortured and suffering in your mind and hands created all the scientific and technical background for the creation
of the Eternal Person
of durable materials and interchangeable parts

The struggle between Good and Evil
has always been and always will be
But there is hope that in that perverse traditional form
of this will be gone, and the worst is over
The situation is different when one eats another one
without anesthesia will not happen again
Stones do not feel pain
Nerves were laid by nature for survival
But our nerves and conditioned all our suffering
The New Man does not need doctors and medicines

Goodbye thousands of diseases and human suffering
Goodbye old age and decay
Goodbye cemetery

In New Man all items are interchangeable !!!

More than 24 000 km above the Earth radiation kills all living things
but with the use of new materials and technologies
and the disappearance of the fear of radiation, we will open great opportunities for traveling to other planets
to explore space directly from space
A space station and the Complex of the really earn
And the New Man can fly in the speed of light
In addition earthly community is no longer able to withstand the pace that it has itself set the same
People no longer take care of themselves they serve the system that creates and steel parts in the general assembly line
erecting a huge system with no future
Those processes are destroying the planet running people
and we are not able to resolve -
created the problem can not always fix it yourself

Solve the problem of the New Man
Humanity has finally cease to depend on the madmen who are ready
blow up the planet
And the planet's resources will be spent primarily to ensure reliability
producing structures of the New Man -
both new inhabitants of the world
We do not need are more such unfortunate production as growing livestock for eating
You do not need to sow the fields for growing grain and vegetables
Instantly disappear thousands of unnecessary productions
Finally, we will become true friends of nature
got final independence from her
And do not be afraid of artificial intelligence that will enslave us
Earth should be for the beasts of the fish and the trees and the people have to live Floor above - in outer space
The Earth as a reference
And it will be stored on the primary sources and cyber library
with the memory of the Earth and humanity and the individual
As in France, near Paris Breteylskom Hall kept the standard meter bar


Fell in love and quickly fell in love as kids loved Transformers
as adults loved cars /though very fond of horse /
and all together, regardless of gender age and country of residence
liked the smartphone
We loved the New Man as mirror reflection display ourselves with the selection of all the best that we have eternal life


Save as the greatest craving communication
and inspiring admiration a large space flight
As a manifestation of extremely touching feelings in hot open arms
and Kisses on the escape velocity in weightlessness


People want to make it look and had the outward signs Man Earth
But as they say Nervi - Italian engineer and architect -
the main design and adaptable function
What is the essence of basic and recognizable in the image remain
but many will be a change
Require new forms of energy and experiments on energy security
It is the interaction and the use of all known forms of energy
including nuclear and constant search for new energy
The new man will be multifunctional - it will go and fly and go
and live on the land and water and in space
Above the image will work best designers, sculptors and painters
For the life of the New Man will require greater movement of
All Norms and Laws
But afraid of his arrival is not necessary
The faster it will come -
faster relief for our tired civilization


There are people of New Generation -
forever freed from its body-animal origin
And they got this freedom will finally fulfill its true mission -
to help manage the Creator of the Universe
And all previous efforts mankind was only a preparation for this


The materials of which will be made of its design will be
the lightest and easier it will overcome bird Earth's gravity
and the vacuum of space will for it will be overcome
Women will be ordered for her image the best designers, or to simulate their way on their own, and give way to technology
interchangeability of parts and provide them with eternal youth !!!
They will be able to search for thousands of years for its present and loved for thousands of years and then fly with him in outer space
Everyone will be able to write off their own negative memory
Or it is simply do not use it
But anyone can use a huge library of positive achievements of mankind - Music, Art, Science
Human soul and mind needs a lot of light and harmony

By Nikolai Bartossik
June 1, 2015

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