Tiny Dove, Immense Strength

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 17:39 -- bposhek

There’s a small little bird

Trapped in a small little cage for days

There’s a sad little bird

There’s a trapped little bird

Feeling stuck in the small space

Longing for freedom

Fluttering its wings

But, not getting anywhere

Stunted from its growth

There’s a trapped little girl

Powerless to “spread her wings”

Longing for freedom

Bound to a small town

Feeling stuck in the small space

Stunted from her growth

Fluttering her wings

Trying to fly far far away

Big dreams, little progress

Tiny dove, immense evils

Trapped by the ones who “love it”

The one’s who aren’t aware

Like a little girl

Trapped by her parent’s “love”

Bound by memories

Memories of the

Trials, tears, tribulations

A tainted background

Tainted memories

Recollections of feeling

Bound to a small town

Bound to a small town

Bound to a broken family

Trapped, stuck, bound, mislead

Mislead by loved ones

Advocating for herself

Stunted dreams no more

Tiny dove, immense strength

Determined and dedicated

Longing for freedom

Tiny dove, “spreading its wings”


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