She's A Star

Once a young girl
Full of hopes and dreams
Big wants and desires
But no one to encourage her
On how to make it a reality

She knew no passion
She knew no hustle
Until she turned puberty

Someone told her
She's useless

Can't make any iconic victory
But she held firm to her beliefs
That somebody must she be
And all she wanted
Was reach her dreams

She's now a proper teen
Bold with big wants and dreams
Brave child of the globe
Aesthetic in her young complexion

Her brain so witty
Still want to be somebody
Maybe a doctor,teacher,president
Or e'en author,poet,just a supra-ordinary

She is a girl of our own
With nothing but passion and zeal
Gift of the globe
You're going to be somebody.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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