Mon, 05/20/2013 - 17:20 -- Reikner


United States
27° 49' 7.2624" N, 99° 40' 43.2804" W

Devising, Drawing, Drafting
Daring to Dream,
Dictating new Designs that haven't been seen.

Evolving Examples,
Efficiently Engineering Excitement,
Establishing and Exanding the world.

Showing the Sight of the Seeker to
See the Secrets
Sheltered by the Shimmering soul

Igniting more Ingenuity within competitors.
Instinctively Inciting Intellect
Ideally Imagining Impossibilities

Genuine Genius
Gently Giving Gifts of Gadgets
Gradually Graduating to Greatness

Nimbly Never ceasing
Naming the New and
Netting the future for the world to see.


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