Me and Her


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She lies in bed with me at night,
She pushes me to fight,
She’s the fire that ignites,
And inspires me to write,
She says everything will be alright,
And from the mirror looks into my eyes,
She’s intense, but beautiful in every sense,
Wise beyond her years, her knowledge of me is dense,
And the secrets she carries are the reason of my suspense
So many things I want to ask, so many things left to discuss
But time stands between us like a mask, to bring our voices to a hush.
But when time ticks towards destiny, I know that she and I will meet.
For we are one person, her and me
The woman that I am, and the one I’m meant to be.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is an enjoyable poem to read

whoever this person is, she must be very special because of who she is to you

continue to be an inspiration and build off your ideas




Thank you for your comment... The person is me though :-) That's why it ends with "The woman that I am and the one I'm meant to be". I'm talking about myself now and the woman that i will be in the future.. appreciate your feedback tho :-)

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