You May Think

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 01:16 -- k-weik


You may think that it's funny,

Puts some laughter in your tummy.

To us it's plain cruel,

There should be some kind of rule.

To stop the words that you say,

Just make them go away.

They hurt more than you think,

Even push us to the brink.


We never let you know,

Try not to let it show.

It only makes it worse,

Some end up in a hurse.

Bottled up feelings inside,

Looking for a place to hide.

No matter what it's not funny,

Things can't always be that sunny.


Your words cause the pain,

Seems like there's nothing to gain.

There's always a way,

No matter what they say.

We can survive,

Use their words to help us strive.

Only make us stronger,

Help us to last longer.


While you spew hurt,

Treating us like we're dirt.

We only get better,

Become a record setter.

You may think that it's funny,

But we're on top now Honey.

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