My First Kiss


United States

To the person I will share my first kiss with:


When I have my first kiss,

I hope it’s gentle and passionate all at once.

I pray that the one I give my first kiss to is kind and bold-

I hope that when they kiss me,

They take my face into their hands and

Hold me like they might lose me.


I hope they care for me deeply,

As deep as the sea;

That their love for me is enduring,

Enduring as a forest fire,

And that their actions are pure,

As pure as the first snowfall of winter.


When I have my first kiss,

I hope they understand that this isn’t easy for me.

I pray that they see how nervous I am,

How I’m utterly terrified of bumping our noses together

And screwing up the ambience


I hope they know that what I’m giving is a gift;

That this is the most romantic moment of my life;

That this isn’t just some kiss from some girl they think they love.

I want them to know that I wouldn’t give my first kiss to anyone that

I didn’t love as deeply as I love them.


When I have my first kiss,

I hope they look into my eyes-

Not just to ask for permission, but to search me;

Someone once said that the eyes are the window to the soul-

And I want them to see my soul.


I hope they see the darkness inside,

The darkness that even the night sky is jealous of;

That they see the bright hope within,

As bright as the summer sun;

And when they look into my eyes,

I hope they see the balance between good and bad inside my heart.


When I have my first kiss,

I hope they see me for me,

That they aren’t afraid of the bad parts,

Nor apprehensive towards the goodness.

I pray that they see the ying and yang of my soul

And that they don’t care.


I hope that no matter my past transgressions or good deeds-

They love me.

That when they look into the window of my soul,

They acknowledge my past;

But love me for my present, and my future.


When I have my first kiss,

I hope that they don’t mind it if I wrap my arms around their neck;

Because when this happens I’m going to need something to hold me steady,

And that something is going to be them.


I hope that they caress my cheek,

That they don’t mind how flushed I’ll be or how hot my cheeks will feel,

That they chuckle at how my leg bounces when I’m nervous or anxious,

And that makes me even more beautiful in their eyes.


When I have my first kiss,

I hope that they kiss me softly, but with passion.

I pray that if our noses bump each other,

We’ll simply giggle and try again.

I hope that my first kiss isn’t perfect-


When I have my first kiss,

I hope it fills us with that warm,

Fuzzy feeling you eat when you’re surrounded by love.

Like a warm fireplace on Christmas Eve,

Or hugging a family member you haven’t seen in so long.


When I have my first kiss,

I hope that it’s with someone who’ll love me.


We may not stay together,

But I hope that for my first kiss,

And for the time we spend together


They’ll cherish it the same way I will;

With fondness, maybe a dash of bittersweet.

But with no regrets

What so ever.


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