A Ringing Whisper


Each night

I lay awake

Waiting and waiting

To listen to that little voice.


It’s the voice

Of my heart,

Of my desire,

Of my dreams.


In the stillness

Of the night

I lay listening

To that silent whisper.



It isn’t strong

Enough to reach

The bubbling crowd.


It empowers me though.

Its vision,


And  motivation.


It tells me:

“Be a butterfly;

From a world of darkness

To the colors

Of the vibrant rainbow.”


It tells me:

“Go out there

And be a dainty drop

That will cause a ripple

That goes on and on and on

And will change the way

The world sees itself.”


“Go out there

And be the voice

The world needs,

For more than knowledge

It needs wisdom.”


“Go out there

And be a warrior

Who with the most

Brutal wounds to

Body and soul

Would never give up.”


“Go out there

And be the light

That in this time

Of dreadful darkness

The world needs.”


“In this time

Of silent wars

And hidden agendas

This world needs a light.”


“Tell them

That they don’t need

To go through

What one goes through,

To know

That it hurts.”


“Tell them that

Every ‘It’ll be fun!’

Is not alright.”


“Tell them

To stop going

Tap, tap, tap

And click, click, click

And beep, beep, beep.


“Tell them to stop

To catch a falling

 Autumn leaf.”


“To listen to

The whispering willow.

Or blow a wish

On a dancing dandelion.”


“To count

The numerous stars

Studded into

The velvet night sky.”


“Open their eyes

And show them

The globe of glamour

They’re destroying.”


“Show them

The disguised deaths

In the name

Of tainted pride

And trivial tantrums.”


“Show them their

Dear brothers and sisters

They’re losing to

The engrossing evil.”


“Open their ears

To the cries:

‘Mommy, mommy

Don’t go. Daddy won’t

Hit you again.’”


“’It wasn’t my fault.

Not the way I dressed

But the way

Their twisted minds worked!’”


“’Don’t kill me!

Please don’t!


And hundred such cries.”


“Tear away

Their veils of falsehood

And show them the

Bitter bare truth.”


“Awaken their

Sleeping souls

To the light of the world

Being dampened

By pointless passivity.”


“Show them

The light that you see

In them,

Perhaps they never

Knew existed.”


“Show them.

Speak it out and

Bloom them open

Like sunflowers to the sun.”


And each time

I speak out my little voice

I step down

Feeling stronger

And knowing

I changed somebody today…


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