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I am extremely passionate, awfully caring, highly active I wonder if fear will win again
I am the weight of the cross. I am the nails in your hads. I am the soldiers laught. I am loved by You!   I am the thorns on Your head. I am the point of the spear. I am the insults of the crowd
Christmas time brings upon cheer But this is the time Sham went to jail Sham as in mom The first woman my Gay ass ever loved Caretaker The woman who Birthed me out her canal
I Am Suffering in Silence   I have a fear of sounds Everyday, casual sounds Chewing, swallowing, crunching, popping
It is my secret until I wish to share You may not see my pain, but it will always be there, Waiting to strike, hiding behind my own eyes I use a smile to disguise, the pain that I feel Up and down my back  
What do pitbulls, lions, and humans all have in common? Our ability to kill. Pitbulls kill when we, humans, force them to. Sweet animals labeled as dangerous brutes,
How do we describe a person? By using words such as worse than? Is it the person or the soul, We strive to label Is it whole, Or broken, tossed under the table? We ask, Who are you?
apparently, there is a connection connotation between kings and gods and what have thee to take the crown and be blessed royalty but as a kid growing up with immigrant parents things weren't that apparent.
Music... This is what everyone has identified me with Since middle school. I never thought of it as a job. I just wanted to do it because it was fun. I just wanted to make friends.
I can only describe who I am by my perspective So the light that I shed will likely be expected To seem dark and grim and down and gray Though the gray light's as freeing as the white light of day
  The burning rays of the rising sun don’t change the way I feel. If you hear the birds sing or see the deer graze, then know that I am real.  
We run and we run, Chasing after our dreams. But we are attacked and give up, Or, so it seems. Ever since I was young,
She stared out her window desperate for a glance of the boy she's loved for as long as she can remember. In fact, she could remember the exact day she fell in love with him.
Slow and syrupy for a week. My eyelids are heavy, my arms are heavy, my body moves like a pendulum. I can’t really think about anything.  My brain is nebulous and impenetrable. And the next week I am tense and clammy.
I am beautiful dancing across the stage flawless stealing your heart broken I am broken pink tights hide bandaid's bandaid's hide scars scars scars from cuts across my hips
I am broke because I have no money.       So what? Money does not hold happiness. I am stupid because I did poorly in chemistry.       So what? School does not measure my wits.
I am ....  I am strong, powerful, caring, loud, smart, outgoing, energetic, spritiual ,free, soulful, poetic, afrocentic, black, proud,....I am Rhonda Williams.  
“You’re searching for all these answers, but baby, you’re not going to find them inside your wrists or on the tops of your thighs.
Welcome to society,  feel free to be who you want to be. But, make sure we like who that person is.  Love yourself and your body,
And the moon spoke words that the sun would fathom. But only the stars know. And I found myself staring at the sky one night wondering about life and I heard the moon.
I am a student An athelete A friend I am part of a community Part of a family Part of a brotherhood I am looking forward to the future
I am from myself and others,From people, from faces,From life, and from places. I am from love, from laughter,From pasta and family,From cookies, and food.
The world, tries to put a label on every tangible item there is,
  I do not remember when it happened. I cannot recall the precise moment when I lost interest in coloring books and playing dress up.
Since you didn't ask, I'm going to dump this baggage You don't mind, do you? You did decide to read this, after all And you can quit it any time So I'm going to dump this baggage and tell you who I am
Decisions Decision......       There are no right ones, they are no wrong ones.... so they say...       So many ways to mess up your life, so many ways to make life worth living.  
Looking at myself in the mirror,  I'm reminded of the time  The time I tried to dye my brother's hair.    Burning my eyes, dripping, There were  dye stains on his forehead.  
Roses are red Violets are blue College is expensive If only you knew
A leader is not someone who gripes or fights, they simply follow what they know is right. They always stand strong on their own beliefs, and can help people handle their sorrow and grief.
In a complex sense,  life is an entangled novel of occurrences. Each day is a catalyst towards another undefinable aspect, and because I am still so young, I have only leafed through my pages up to the preface,
Those winter leaves are wanting me I used to be a quiet girl I used to sit in nature, hidden from the world Those winter leaves are calling me Pushing me to be the best I can be
I used to like school, The hub bub of kids acrossed campus, The discusions in class, expanding my knowledge about people, books, science, history..... But those are things of the past.   
A lier A thief Anyone my mom woudlnt want to see me be A slacker  A bum But look mom, thats already me Out of all the things you thought me to be, i learened none. 
I AM.. The most spontaneous soul you'll ever be faced with from my mind, my characterYou cannot deface this I strive to make positive, creations, relations Through my art comes fascination
I am Lauren           I am Lalo, Lowen, Lalz, and Jorlan. I am Weaver           I am Cabeza de Vaca, Otero, and Martin. I am 17 and 5'7"
Open your books to page 137. One hundred and thirty seven. You see that? Second column, almost exactly half way down. handy. Adjective.
I am Nigerian With my thick, coarse hair And My rich, dark chocolate skin Completely filled with melanin I am Nigerian  With eyes of charcoalLips so fullAndVoice growing strong I am Nigerian  It's funny because when I was a little girl I was so em
childhood bliss, wonder, and awe the first day of kindergarten  tears streaming down and the moving trucks  the polo shirt uniforms and new nicknames  brokenness from a bully  insecurity and doubt 
It is dark when it is light I am the most hated, everyone is my friend.  This is my thinking process, It's not pretend. My genuine fear is  to lose connection with external reality.
I am alive I wonder when I will reach the ground I hear the echo of voices I see inside I want time I am alive   I pretend to hold control I feel my brain pulsating I touch souls
40% Parents 60% Peers, mentors, and media I was that shy kid who would listen Tucked in shirt and everything, Dawn and dusk I was a good kid
The youngest of my class A collection of friends I long for loyalty to last Drugs? Bullies? It must end! They laugh at my dream Beg, borrow and scream What does it all mean?
Small town in Texas, but large family parties, decent size high school.   A family ranch, cattle in pens surround us, constantly mooing.   My mother, tough love.
I have learned to overcome the challenges that I face in my everyday life Pointer up1, Audiology What I will become, what I will study To help others, I am here.  Pinky up2, ASL
I am not a poet In fact I am an it Yes an it, a thing, inanimate Still here, constantly waiting to be used again   I am on a shelf, watching
I am a daughter. More trouble than she’s worth, But who’ll always come home for holidays (and maybe some weekends)   I am a sister.
A child is free of sin Pure Innocent Unadulterated Flawless   Untouched of the poison spread throughout the world A child does no harm
I process I pace I pause--            I pace I peck, I pedal, I'm puzzled  I'm constantly pondering people I pray I get it right I pacify I'm satisfied, only for a moment
Ten.   Dancers flash across the creaky black floor, touching in the exact spots they have practiced to land in. Each one a different person, each touch to the ground a different stroke of genius.  
If the world was mine, life would be a thought -a very good one, but a thought indeed. Everything, every moment that lived would be a ballerina.
I am like a Starbucks drink. Not everyone likes me, But those who do, I know I can count on. I’m simple, yet complicated. I’m complicated because of the things that I do.
I have three hours to write a piece that will help you understand the title of my poem. There are no rhymes that come to mind nor beautiful phrases. All I have is this headache and a story.
I am a person who smiles each day Behind my stage is a person with tears I am the one who is your shoulder to lean on any day Who can I lean on about my fears I am the clown with a frown Forced upside down
To be tenacious is both a negative and a positive.For as a tenacious person others often see stubbornPushy even down right rude!Those who look on wonder how I can do what I do?Achieve the heights that I soar?
Five billion years ago, when the sun was still a brilliant youth,  and the galaxy was still finding its feet among an endless, timeless black canvas, a planet, moving out of orbit
my mother's calloused grasp reached across the ocean to a world with sealed borders and blind eyes the land pseudo-tainted, she dug the soil and planted a sprout that was never meant to be
When the universe was arranged, All creation from a bang, Every grain, Every cell, Every atom flew out. And like all matter careened about,
I am a feather Falling from Icarus' wilted wings Falling from grace Drunk with the fading impression Of blinding light   I am earth bound Rock-deep in Gaia's unwelcome embrace
A statue of metallic human shape, posessing life and tongue of silver shine. Adept and witty speech of gilded shine, observant voice that no one could escape. For praise, it sings of glory sans mistake.
Isaiah is good, but to who? Isaiah lacks fire because he doesn't know there is a fire but hurt burn his soul. Isaiah is cold   Isaiah soaks in confusion Isaiah sits in the fear that drips   but
i am afraid i am afraid of the dark      but i am more afraid of the light i am comfortable in my darkness      because i have been here awhile i am afraid of opening the door
I am… Lost,Undecided,Confused.Not sure where to go;Not sure what to choose.
She flooded the city with the tears of unrequited love Latin blood cells had bestowed her with a curse Too boisterous, too sensual Always excessive, but somehow not enough
  I am at a get together standing in the corner casually watching people chatter and mill about    The music starts the game begins people shout and cheer  
Who am I? Am I what people see me as? Am I who I see myself, or am I someone I will become? It seems my life is filled with mirrors reflecting on what is wanted to be seen rather than what is actually there.
You ask me, “Who are you?” I wonder the same thing sometimes… If only I knew. I’ve been taught to stay within the lines.
I stare at screens and pages telling me I’m not good enough, that who I am isn’t who I should want to be. They say “trust us, you aren’t okay…” Sometimes I fall into the trap they set for me.
I am the opposite person, Of whom I thought I was going to be, I used to think my world was full of darkness, I saw the world brighter, Full of positivity, I don’t like thinking about the past,
Tired of being held back.  The gloves are off.  I am never going to stop.  
 Like an oak I am Strong Like an oak I am TallLike an oak I am Growing  Because I am an oak I am ConfidentBecause I am an oak I am StrongBecause I am an oak I am Powerful  
The time when school is most important is in the summertime. Sure, there's no classes to worry about. or homework to do,  but there's still a lot to think about, trying to figure out what to do about school.
I am from Precious Angels, From cassette tapes and Pledge. I am from the brown bricks and burglar bar doors Where love was never constrained. I am from the short blades of grass in the backyard,
Fearless is what they call me now Confident and caring describe me today How did I get here? Well I'll tell you how For I certainly wasn't always this way.   Safe was the name I earned myself before
Finding Out Who I Really Before this moment I’ve been too busy to actually find out who I really am Let me think Let’s start with the basics, I love acting and my theatre department and my theatre FAM
of few things I am certain.  
Lambency, The Gentle Glow: Notes On Rebirth Before An English Channel Crossing   I remember mostly- The raw horizon pounding with a glowing fever.
Born with nothing Except my personality Grown with time To something more. Not just a name or face, But a friend, sister, daughter, student Many things I have come to be.
I am more than just a person with a name. Challenges after challenges made me stronger as of today because I learned to overcome adversity no matter what it was. I define myself as a discipline scholar/athlete.
Who am I? What an odd question. Can you not tell? I am me. I am the soothing waves that lull you to sleep, that lap at your ankles, and deliver messages in bottles
Under surveillance I polish the way I move Try to look busy in order to be ignored Approaching me anyway He sits very close to me
I am seventeen. I am 5' 2". I am one of many tired students that get restless when a test comes up. I am the weary millennial anxious about a future.
One, when I was younger I did not believe in the tooth fairy. I could not find the sanity in the tradition of a lady coming in my room and stealing a part of me for her own monopoly. 
I Am. I Am, merely because of the roads travelled My mother travels overseas just to see me Graduate. Be the first Literate Generation. Eat food without wondering when the next plate is coming.
In Heaven, everything would be perfect, Deadly edges of neglect at my loved ones' necks would be dulled and I'd be free to pursue my passion of rendering their faces on a canvas,
Lesson number one: When you multiply two positives, the outcome is positive. When you multiply two negatives, the outcome is still positive.
do what you are expected to be and you’ll impress the world do what you want to be and you’ll impress yourself eventually, though
Filipino. Korean. American. Daughter. Sister. Student. Athlete. Artist.
Let me have this moment. It's not a lot. Just a hop a skip a jump     back into the fray of reality.                                   struggling to find the center
aNYTHING that happens now.  This is the window. I'm at the bottom of the watch tower,     And the people at the top, they...   decide. declare. choose. make.
We sat. That was all. Our backs against the wall, the night around us. Behind us were the careless, in front the carefree.  
by the protest of the now backwards   an answer could not come after the question. Nothing   to be recognized,
I found an old picture yesterday. It was of me and my dad, taken from behind as we sat on a rock, like the kings of the mountain.   I think I was eight then,
As the wind blows, the trees will fall. A man will yell, 'clear' the echoes booming and crisp. It sinks into the mass of green
As we rise,                   so shall we fall-                   those who go down to the sea                             in ships that never return. What is the physicality of their fear? does it linger
The morning wind sweeps in Purging of the last breath; A soul’s last hurdle before quintessence; The knees of a dying man inside, Alone and desolate in the world, Falls before his one companion,
I am from cooking pots From Ford and Better Made I am frm the grass on the front lawn green, wet It felt like small prickles I am from the evergreen Teh maple tree
I am not one or even ten things I am not the flesh that stands before you Or the span of my wings I am no answer to the question “who”  
I had a good time at school that day We went on a class fishing trip I didn’t make a catch, yet I couldn’t wait to tell mom about it But she was gone  
A girl unconfident and in doubt People don’t seem to see the other side of her When suddenly her thoughts go about It slips people’s mind how she has her moments How at times she feels like she’s stuck in a drought
Jerry [jer-ee] Noun I am a son of immigrants Mwen se yon pitit nan Ayiti I am a New Yorker I am darker than the night sky I am here because of Martin I am here because of Malcolm
I’ve always seen the world In colors bright in hue In every page unfurled Were yellow, black, and blue   Every name I know Is a brand new work of art The letters and the rainbow
You wish to enlighten yourself of me? Well, I have not an imposing figure, But a mind with knowledge vast as the sea, In which my intellect and passion stir.
I am a dream I am a vision My hands make the steam That push my decision   Being able to see A new type of smart The math it may be But real skill is an art
I am   the little black girl who hated Sunday dresses, and despised “Just for Girls” perm boxes. I loved the natural kinks and coils of my 4C grade hair
You'll find me in the art room Coverd in clay, graphite, or paint. Or maybe in a land you've never heard of, Where anything can take place. And unless you call persistently, I might not make it back
I AM…   I am a student. So I’m supposed to get good grades. But because I’m an African American, I’m automatically set to a lower standard.
Should I, should I, accept the change in me? Resist improvement sighted by others? Drink from divine waters, shine like marquees? But the waters are unsightly buffers!
My Mother was born of Apache blood She was taught to respect the earth and her people To honor the traditions and remember the past. Her parents were born into a world that was under attack,
Everyone wants to be Humble, Unique, Intelligent I Don't Basic tendencies don't reside here. I refuse to be mediocre. I define myself, not words or people.
I can describe to you what I am And what I stand for And who I intend to be, But first I must proclaim what I am not. I am not a test score Or a statistic. I am not an IQ Or a class rank.
Who am I ? I am me, but is that really true ? I'm the hero the villan the anithero the anti-villan I am everything yet I am nothing I am the one who everyone hates and despises
I am... Me I am more than I could ever believe I am more than anyone could ever want to be I am... unique Not because of this mane  Not because of this speech Not because of this attitude
I am a work in progress. I wonder what the future holds for me, as I hear the angel on my shoulder telling me to never give up because I am good enough. I see endless possibilities awaiting me.
In the shelter I found a dog Another dog There are too many dogs I have fallen to pieces My love for dogs is too great I am an animal lover. 
I look up and see, Eyes peering down at me, My analyzing gaze captures their compliant affection. A helping hand at the age of five, An excess reward. The silver coin measured with a relative greatness,
A's on every test without even tryin Star Athlete on the field, goin deep and flyin Arm and arm with the home coming queen Bulletproof and off the chart self-esteem   My ride is sic and fast
She is the girl. The girl who would rather be known as the girl who never fell in love  Than the girl who fell in love Only to fall on her face Who won't try because she might fail
“Superhero” Alexis TyAnn   From the time that we are little we are serenaded with stories of superheroes, Sweeping in to save the day with their powers and their fancy capes
The demons tell me I am bound Slave to sin Hopeless Hated Worthless   The voice of the Most High says I am His Free to dance, sing, SHOUT Loved Wanted Priceless
                                                            I am a...opportunist I am an opportunist Taking chances for a gain living by that motive made me who I am today Not having many opportunities 
I am sharp... My grades stay high because studying is done The knot of every argument is tied by me My outfits are on target like a shooting gun I help out friends like an angel with her harp  I am sharp. 
There’s always a certain kind of beauty in everythingWhether it’d be a stranger’s smile that seems to hold all of the secrets of the worldThe feeling when you get caught up in a conversation with someone you treasure
Ebony Noun A heavy blackish or dark brown timber I am ebony Also known as a jewel You would be considered a fool  If you didn't see me as beautiful Look in the dictionary and
Wandering with a mind and heart filled with grief, wishing these dreadful moments could be only brief. Thoughts that eat away at your life, draining your energy,
There was a point and time where I didn't exactly know who I was. I was a little introverted girl stuck in a glass box. A glass box that I had put myself in. Through that glass box I could see everything going on around me.
I is that girl who's still looking for her purpose Hoping it's something that would change the world  & the perspectives of the humans brainwashed souls I is a letter which stands for myself 
Today's teen girl wears yoga pants and scarves "One PSL to go, no whip, low fat, Take a selfie for the road, no filter, #blessed Ugh, I look so rough, #diealonewithcats" Girl, understand, your bf will call you back
Distant “Lost in her own world” A constant loner Surviving on hopes and dreams that probably will never be    
A dictionary of over 7 billion names We are all one Important enough to be recognized But not enough to be noticed   Nobody takes the time to get to know anyone… It is too much reading
                Floods of wrath, Tigris to my Ur!                 Trenchantly breaking relations                 —Temples of Toil— made by me!                 From the sweat of my brows, they’re built
She let her insecurity become a sadistic killer Breaking the neck of every fragile ambition She let go of every petty intuition All the faith she had in her dim vision
I am straight but my best friend is not, I am accepted by society but my best friend is not, I am outgoing but he is not, I am what my parents want me to be but he is not, But, all that he is, I am not.
 I am sitting on my mother's lap tracing words with fingertips her voice rises and falls  as worlds build around me
  I walk with confidence at quick pace With a heavy feeling always by my side A feeling that I will never show on my face Something that I have to hide with pride  
resilient resilent me, like a bouncing ball one world to another, down every street- bouncing bouncing   I can run at top speed, at the drop of a hat block out loud sounds-
I am passionate and balancedI wonder if i'll succeedI hear a loud voice saying "YOU CAN DO IT"I see a beautiful lifeI want to geuinely be happyI am passionate and balanced 
It's making me, it's breaking me It gives to me, and then it take, take, takes Comforts me and startles me Gets me going, then it brake, brake, brakes Can you see through the window, through that window?
I flew I fell  I dream I fear I wish I cry  I'll live I'll die I'll make mistakes   
I am a Kindergartner Listening to words Singing songs Learning my colors Happy with the world I am a kindergarten   I am a third grader Meeting new people Playing Pokemon
I am a child. Do I matter? Does anybody see me? I try to be noticed. I try to stay sane. But I can’t shake this feeling.
Without grace, where would I be? No peace, no elegance, no beauty Torn from the center of life Pulled down by animosity   Nowhere to turn
I was seven, naive to the world around me. I can still smell the rubbing alcohol and the antiseptics. The room was white with faded green shades, The air was cold.
Sometimes to find yourself you must first self-destruct, And that’s exactly what I did. I tore myself apart from the inside out. I destroyed everything in my path.
I’d like to introduce myself, I’m not full of beauty or of wealth. I worry about the tiny things, like falling books and diamond rings. And inside the walls of my head are echoes jumbling.  
The flow of pen to paper is now the flow of finger to keyboard. A sacrilege of tradition, yet preserved and unbroken. Times have changed, but I still feel the same.
Who am I? You ask I could be a strong, independent women who has their life together. Or I could be just the opposite. I could be a weak, dependent women needing help at every turn.
The first time somebody called me strong, I was sitting on that psychiatrist’s couch, And I couldn’t contain the earthquakes in my body. With a trembling voice I told her,
I am a Poet, ready to create My words are fierce Ready to pierce the hate     I open the gate of my heart and mind     I am a poet for the people that lost their voice in a war  
I died when I awoke on the ides of January. Little did I know what mania could pursue at so young of years.   Brother, blue and cold, cries not on the feverish morning of January.
When I was fourteen years old one of my best friends died.  I wandered the halls of my dreary middle school where my anxiety levels rose and my confidence fell.  My heart raced as I ran from my classroom
I am not a tragic hero Or any hero at all I am Nobody. An extra in a movie A non-player character with no dialogue. I want to tell you a tragedy That I'm abandoned Or orphaned Or abused
“Who am I?” I ask myself as I contemplate behind closed doors I never asked myself that before It is not an answer that I’ve ever prepared for
I am strong. I will not let anyone tell me what my future is to be.  I have a vision; which cannot be altered. A vision of hope to succeed. A vision to show that I can achieve my goals if I try hard enough. 
I am Constant Motion. I hold the power to cause a commotion But as to making noise I rarely make devotion.   I am the wave falling against the shore, Always arrivivg back to where I've been before,
I am from a place where history repeats itself and things never change. Where a black man is referred to as a black man and a white man is referred to as a man.
This is Copyright material cannot be reproduce without permission    Never thought so much can happen in one year. Fights and tears. Once you obtain happiness is just bring back fear. Fear to talk.
“Tell me about yourself” people will ask and answers that consists of accomplishments, awards and interests is what is expected of me to say.  
Experiences such as this occur everywhere, alone, in my room, together, with a company of brothers, in claustrophobia, throughout my daily routine. I am a musician.
My boundless imagination frightens reality with thoughts of everything but. I talk with the voice of a sleeping child after a bedtime story has been read.
I am a new born child, one that lives in Christ, I've changed over time, with the help of his love,   I had been so lost, a few years ago, my life crummbled to the ground,
Fragmented and whole. Dealt a blow by this world and its inhabitants. Pieces of me fell about but where I was missing, I forged myself anew. I too am young and old.
                      Tennis Survival   I walk on the court, confident like always My opponent is still in the hallways Her and I have always been big rivals
Je suis, or just Chuis Yo soy It depends. I am whatever life allows me to be today. Or tomorrow. Or never. When am I ever what I am? When can I ever be whatever it is that I know I can? 
Even from our youth we define ourselves a superhero a doctor a vet as we get older  these "defined" selfs become more than just an uncertain future We define ourselves
I feel the whip of the pen stronger than the strokes I paint I  am a training artist I wonder how many colors and flair are needed until my creations move I hear it’s voices tellling me i can go beyond my greatest ideas
I am the girl that they never notice I am the girl that they think is odd I am the girl that they think is awfully flawed  I am the girl that they think is a mute I am the girl that they don't think is cute
I am what I am. I am the son of a self-made man, I am the son of a kindhearted woman, I am the grandson of a lonely soldier, I am an individual whose blood runs deep with character. I am what I am.
There are the times when so many tears have been shed That I wonder if the wells will actually run dry.
I am not to be judged based off of the amount of melanin that my skin possesses or lacks I am strong, I am fierce I am not to be isolated based off of the amount of knowledge that my brain holds captive
I am me, Not Barbie or a porcelain doll, Nothing so fragile,  After all, How can one be this society, A society that handles things with such force, A society telling boys and girls who to be,
I am not what i seem to be most people think i am weak minded Ive been told im selfish, arrogant  but what most dont know is what ive been though I fight though my type 1 diabetes everyday 
I remember the first time I got angry I ran from the kitchen table through the living room and to the foyer where I tackled my sister. One time, I bit her because she was annoying me.  
I... Identity... Who am I? Female, A first generation American, Pakistani Muslim. Pakistan, base of culture
All alone, lost and afraid Not knowing where to go.  With no place to call home Always running, every day.   Hope is gone, feeling betrayed Deserted and on your own.
WAN.DER.LUST (n). : a very strong or irresistible desire to travel.   My mind wandered Into an iridescence of enthralling dreams Incessantly, I waited. Wanting Needing Elation, Leisure, Change.
Who am I? Who am I? That's a question, we all ask ourselves. Who am I? I am not who I was, or who I'll be. I am not perfect, the best, or flawless. I have been through so much; alone, and with others. Drama. Fights. Depression. Loneliness. But wit
When I was five, I wanted to be A million things. A chef, and architect, An artist on the weekends. Not to mention, Nursing to pay the bills. The list was endless. My mom said that I could do it all.
I be those three red stars and stripes.I be the gum on the concrete.I be gogo bumping on the ave.I be three piece chicken wings with mumbo sauce on the side.I be my grandmother's smile, all nice and wide.
I am creative I am beautiful I am developed I am strong I am unique I am lovable I am brilliant
sticks and stones may break my bones but my thoughts will fucking kill me depression is like living in a body that tries to survive with a mind that tries to die
My heart, O Lord, is like a lemon For without you, my heart is sour. I yearn for someday to join you in heaven, and to be picked from the ripest tree with your divine power.  
Dear Snake,
Dear Youth,
Disastrously advantageous is the world we live in. Being both beautiful yet ugly. Sucking life from our already feeble, minuscule, and complex minds and bodies. It's pathetic. Can a race so enlightened in the knowledge of the dark shadows that cre
Responsible, Diligent  Kindness, Carefulness, Bookishness Bright With Cheerfulness Yours Truly
Responsible, Diligent  Kindness, Carefulness, Bookishness Bright With Cheerfulness Yours Truly
Responsible, Diligent  Kindness, Carefulness, Bookishness Bright With Cheerfulness Yours Truly
Responsible, Diligent  Kindness, Carefulness, Bookishness Bright With Cheerfulness Yours Truly
A few steps away   Still a hundred worlds away Visions never see The light I crave to show thee But loving this light is not Loving me.     
I am searchingsearching for a niche in which my heart can beatsearching for faces with eyes not made of glassin a concrete world of games abstract  
I am a Realist, But also an Idealist, Because when the world is at its worst, That is when I am at my best.   One son, Was done, By two parents Of two colors  
Rusted, small cages  is where they keep them locked up, until one day - POOF
Sleepless nights and dull eyes; Assignments due and paralyzed. I felt forlorn at day's end With a paper heart and a pen.   Music notes through blood veins Helped me cope with these pains.
At the young age of eight I felt the definition of hate I thought my porcelain skin was disgusting And my belly was busting Driven to tears Because being ugly was what I feared
In a differnt world. In a differnt body. I view myself to be quite unique. I am not the same as others, Nor do I belong in anybody's crew. I dress a certain way, And come from a differnt background.
Too Reserved. “Why do you not talk?” they would mean I talked about trivial and safe things, But I am not a gossip magazine. So “friends” would leave me behind. “Why do you not like me?”
The world is a beautiful place filled with hopes and dreams. The future is bright everyday it seems.   When flowers grow
Tiny, slender frame could have bent and broke like branches, a blond mop dripped from her head. She tried some earrings but the looks just made her anxious, and she quietly wished she stayed in bed.
You want to know who I am? I am a reader who can't read. I am a writer who can't write. I am a dreamer who can't dream. I am a fighter who can't fight. I am a believer who can't believe.
Who am I? A force to be reckoned with, A breath of fresh air of which you can't deny, Who am I? Someone who can't be defined, You may acknowledge my appearance but what about what's inside, Who am I?
Who am I? My name is Anchal   I was born as Archana The ancient word for prayer  My memories of my childhood envelop my being,
My classmates have taught me some of the greatest lessons in life For the bad and the good Although I still despise many
The limitations of language have never been more palpable than now as I blindly grope the drywall of my brain for some sort of linguistic light switch to illuminate the essence of me
I am... a son, I am... a brother, I am... a friend, I am... a college student I am... a young adult
Without me you are lost With me you are found Without me you cannot touch With me you hear sound   You are nothing But closed eyes And dry lips I am something  
Who are you? A shadow following me I don't know you But I know you have potential To see past the dark Into the light To create Change the way eyes see I am who I am
As we say goodbye to CC15 I can't help but want to cry.   For this will be the last of me running with my family.   I will continue to run towards the sun, but now
Cooking ramen noodles. Organization is key. Lose yourself in the textbooks. Liberal arts education demonstrates excellence. Easily  disctracted. Gaining knowledge. Extreme debt.  
  The world is filled With random colors. A voice unheard Cannot be subtle.   The trembling of A heart so huge Does little to Subdue the deluge.   When the heart
I am a Baller Wihot a Collar And when they Hollar I do not Call Her Because I am a Scholar No one stands Taller But to be a Scholar I need a Dollar I am a Baller    
There's another me. . . inside me. I can feel her trying to escape,  banging on my walls- Let me out! Let me out! I swallow hard and silence the cry. My crossed arms
everyone used to tell you you can be whatever you want to be but the saying got lost on you once you realized that it isn´t true   you were be a six year old dreaming of the stars
I've never had much to my name, my parents still slave away at work, no money or fme, at one point we only had one fork.   Things got more difficult when my mother wrecked her car,
    I am only a child,
It hurts to see the ones I love Enduring any pain Though there's nothing to be done I want to take it all away   Gather up your hurt and worry And give it all to me
I Am Me.  Not one word defines me,  not one simplicity of the words man has made defines who I am. I am a Hispanic American citizen.
I once was lost Wandering in the dark, Until my heart crossed Paths with a spark. A light like no other, Something I had never seen before. The one I now call Father, My heart to you, I swore.
  Life is an ordeal, We're told what to do, what to say, what to feel, Every day we have a choice, To stay silent or raise our voice, To stay in bed or face the world.
  Life is an ordeal, We're told what to do, what to say, what to feel, Every day we have a choice, To stay silent or raise our voice, To stay in bed or face the world.
    I’ve had my ups I’ve also had my downs I’ve made mistakes I’ve sinned I’m not perfect, I’m only human I’ve disappointed people
I am a childI am not strong.I am wildI am calm.I could be betterI could be wrong.I am a childI will be strong.  
I  n a healthy envrioment, A nd a loving family,  M ade me who I am, D o the right things even when no one is looking, Y ielding to the wrong thing's, L istening to my elders for advice,
I was fragile My thoughts didn't know what to do with themselves Looking for an escape every second of way I was a stained person, staining others People like me are "human errors"
Needless to say,  I am a two-way mirror,  Dappled and smudged  But I couldn't be clearer.    My mind is a puzzle  Locked in a dark room,  Assembling itself  So that it might bloom. 
Like butter over too much bread They expect me to be overstretched in life. Each and every day I dread The mistakes I will make, despite my endless strife.   There’s no room for my mistakes
I am a work of kintsukuroi; I have been shattered and broken, My pieces have laid scattered on the floor, But I have always puzzled myself back together, Using gold lacquer to fill in the cracks like glue,
I am the 7th Sarah on the roster the bookworm in the class I am the typical straight A student That invisible kid who gets by in the hallway without a pass   But I am also the diehard believer
Alexis Kristina Sibling of Kara. Good friend of McKenna. Lover of dogs. Skilled in school. Most conscious of my family's health. To whom happiness is when traveling.
If you were to flip open the dictionary and find my name, you wouldn't be able to find a definition. Because to ask someone to define themselves, to describe themselves in one short poem, doesn't allow room to grow.
There was a moment – a break if you will – and perhaps it was vital. \ To me or to you. To us.
I am whatever I put my work to, if I work to become a lawyer..then I am a lawyer. If I work to become a rapper, then I am a rapper. I am whatever I wish to be, no one can tell me otherwise. 
This poem is based off of George Ella Lyon's poem "Where I'm From Poem"   I am from coffee machines from arroceras and sartenes I am from the tan walls of my house The smell of Cuban food
I am lazy   Says the critic in me I'm too hard on myself   Replies my kinder side Maybe I can work harder?    My inner optimist chimes in But what's the point?    Asks my depression
I am free.
I can picture it the lines behind the well the people on the grass leaning up against the trees walking in and out of the buildings rushing to be on time sitting on the steps,
I Am... the face of my city.. I am... a visonary. I am.. the novel of my people.  Each page, represents my people.
They say I'm a girl with dreams and desire, A face full of hope with drive to aspire- The beliefs, the dreams, to want to compete In a life of turmoil will I accept defeat?
Ever since I was young I have been giving Giving my best effort in school Giving my best effort in sports Always trying to do better
Ever since I was young I have been giving Giving my best effort in school Giving my best effort in sports Always trying to do better
I am a goofy guy who loves video gamesI wonder about my future and what is to comeI hear dub step music every dayI see a large house with many carsI want a real familyI am a gentle giant 
Trapped in the endless, swirling tide Bleeding out your dwindling pride The darkness falling the last of your stand And suddenly your finding the misfitting land You’re headed toward endless staring
They say my future looks nice and bright, Why, then, am I always filled with fright? My friends are plentiful, they’re all so nice.
I am unique... I am my own... I am human... I am not alone.. I am special... I am me... I am fearless... I am free... I am funny... I am kind... I am respectful...
I'm tired of those sleepless and restless nights.I'm tired of the the fight between wrong and right in my head. I'm tired of my mind always planning ahead. I'm tired of things that need to be said that aren't being said.I'm tired of everything and
I am composed of chunks, small and large. If you were to piece them together, A mirror image of myself would appear. I am fragments of my family, my friends. I take the best,
I'm optimistic with the best and worst around me with more to come.
A baby girl is born on April 29,1998 She is asleep Four years later, she's able to talk and walk She is ready for her first day of school
My past is not happy But it doesn’t define who I am today Growing into someone special Because of the people That I surround myself with
If I don't know where I'm from, you ask, how will I know where I'm going? Fair enough. Here's my best answer: I am from a little boy crying because I turned his amoeba of green paint into a t-rex.
When asked to describe oneself, a lot of people misinterpret the question.   I am not like those other people, I am different!  
I had a vision of my life Who I would be, what I would see As we all know, it’s shaping up To turn out quite different that I’d have thought   Every person who has touched me
I am constantly rising to the occasion, I am constantly making mistakes,   I am a perfectionist, I am a procrastinator,
Who am I? possibly the hardest question because there are infinitely many answers answers that may contradict because I am not simple then I realize I am not an answer there shouldn't be a question, "Who am I?"
Here I am, Pen and paper again, Being asked for self-reflection. A piece of me for the fodder I need, Trying, desperately trying not to sound too proud, But never presenting myself as too meek- Why?
I am me  Chubby, Strange, but hopeful I am  Transgender, asexual, gay But I am hopeful of a world made equal Of a world were we don't have to worry about hate Where nobody feels like we shouldn't exist
  This is a viewers discretion, I am who I am because of my misdirection, The path I have wandered was in the wrong direction,
I am a never ending series Of sleepless nights and crumpled bed sheets Battered from the restlessness of my slumber A lost sheep number 4 A.M's only friend Tired   I am the burnt out light bulb
You stare becasue I am not showing my hair You think I am oppressed by the males in my life when really I am not
I don't know
  I am a 17 year old girl I am, I am living in a world that Teaches us that we can do anything we put our mind to Wish that I could be the world’s biggest super hero
Too many to count is how much of us there are.And yet the world's beauty is in first place for the tranquility there is in the vast speck of nothing we belong to.
My mother once told me to be multicolored like a rainbow I painted myself with vibrant colors Reds, blues, greens, oranges The plethora of colors-- each one an aspect
Money isn't what we needThe world simply needs harmonyThe more we fight the more we killIs it really your God's willWe kill the people we think do wrongHow is that fairThe world isn't two shades
I am...   Who am I? Studying every day Working hard Who does that make me?   Determined? Conformant? Individual or ordinary? What does that make me?  
As a child, we're all told we're special. "You're so unique!" "There's no one quite like you!" This positive self image is ingrained into our minds And we go through life thinking this without questioning it.
I am more than just my looks  I am not my parents  I am not afraid to be myself I am flamboyant, fierce, intelligent, rare I do not let what others say define me  I will not choose to bully or discriminate 
I am from Kentucky and California, Band, horses, dance, and sleep. From my Italian roots, From my Irish heritage, From my German background, From my European family.
One fateful day, in the heat of May, A child was brought into the world. But something was wrong,  and ended the song as doctors announced her troubles. Her eye was not right,
I am. I was who I desired to be. The world was open doors for me. I could reach every goal. I could win every gold.   I am not who I intended to be. Just a passing thing to see.
My hands are scatching at my skin The walls are closing in I cant get out, I cant get free I'm slowly losing sight of me   I am itching to get out of here Tired of being lost and full of fear
Who am I? I'm seventeen years old and I am lost Seventeen years old and for a while I did not want to be alive anymore Seventeen years old and I was ready to be off this earth. I didn't think I would make it
    I’ve begun to realize the strength of the human spirit. How much pure tenacity it takes to decide to continue.   I've begun to realize that I’m more than a brain,
I was once so outgoing, so nice, and full of life. I listened and without a doubt believed, oh how I was many times deceived. I loved and never shoved, I forgave and never worried
i was weak and alone. lost and with no hope. i am stronger and hopeful. found and adopted i will be stronger and successful. kept and cherished.
In a world full of followers I am the leader   In a world full of not a chance I am the never give up   In a world full of silence
I am the fog of daydreams when you close your eyes in math class - when sine over cosine equals the tangent that your mind wanders off to in search of anything anything more interesting. I am
From the beginning of my life, since birth I have always known what im worth   From little kid to being grown I am ready to make my life my own   Elementary, Middle, High School, College
Rare Rare is a unique and eccentric personality Rare is the joy and happiness one you achieved Rare is the sweet taste of bliss on your day Rare is the breaths you take Rare is the sound of applause and cheer
I am the future leader of the world Cuious to see what the future holds I can envison a crowd cheering me on Watchng me walk on the graduation stage Wanting to get in the colleges of my dreams I am ambitious
My brother and I learned how to breathe together, but we soon became a set of tools. He was a plow and I was the rake. I collected the stones he threw. I became the ladder when he picked orchards.
I am broken beyond repair and flawless as well, spinning logic and rendering it useless and disgraced. I am wrong and I am right both simultaneously and equally,
To some I am colorfully confusing, Difficult to understand, Yet to many rather amusing, I can wear many different shades, I can wear green or blue, Sometimes even yellow, pink, or grey,
I am as a hybrid, A mixture of two cultures merged by fate. I live and breath American, Yet I look and am Mexican.   I am not from here,
When I came into this world, my lungs inhaled freedom and exhaled a loud cry of justice.My eyes fluttered open like the wings of a bald eagle.
I am a little off never quite fitting in mildly autistic a little bit artistic my childhood acidic. I am young the first time I say I wanna die.
I am what I am. I am concealed by a curtain of secrets, hidden to all but one. I am untrusting, cautious, and scared. I am what I am. I am boxed-in, suffocated. Sadness. Anger. Alone. I am...I am...what I am.
I am not a number. I am not another data point in a meaningless statistic. I am a human, flesh and blood; With a spirit like a lion And a hopeless wanderer’s heart.
someone once told me that depression was god's way of weeding out the weak as if there were no room in this world for people like me people who can't just "suck it up" and be HAPPY
“Brandon, get over here right away! I’m standing here in front of a guest and I have no idea how to help them.” I shake my head slightly, smile and reply “Right away, sir” as I start maneuvering my way through the endless crowd.
I am sunlight streaming through the window above my bed I am stardust from the beginning of the universe I am moonbeams in the darkest of nights
  People always ask, who are you? My reply is simply, whose asking? I am no category, I am no single word You can’t define me with a dictionary I am loud I am quiet I am a leader
I am lost in the city of Austin. The moon illuminates skyscrapers As I walk through the slums, Questioning if it is day
I used to think that what defined me was my brain I had to outsmart those around me, even if it meant making enemies I used to think that what defined me was how he touched me
  The monarch, who stretches her wings and glides through the air, leaping for the brightly colored petals without a single care, Beauty to the world but poison to every foe,
Do you have worries? *an extra 15 seconds staring at the mirror* No, I don't have time for them.. silently stares at nothingness, no the future. What if? 
Driven and persistent, I run like a battery I try harder and harder to surpass what jumps out at me.   I always try my best since I’m a perfectionist,
Oily skin Acne Facial hair Waxing Stretch marks Cellulite Wooden or plastic Fake Make Up Skinny, Fat, Plus sized All beautiful Black, yellow, white
Defining a person is a delicate thing Having to dig and claw at an inner-being And hope nothing falls out   To look at myself through a magnifying glass
I am a contradiction I am the soft glow from a lit candle I am a bomb Tick Tick BOOM! I am a weapon My words, sharp like daggers will pierce straight through you I am a shield
We were locked in combat, there could only be one winner. The ropes of the ring, close in. My opponent steadily watches me. His face, taut and glistening with sweat.
The mirror only knows how to say "You're unique," in the worst way, The fairy tale bodies of crinkled magazine covers always implied a happy ending, But this, is
I am a flower in a desert. I am beautiful, But I am also a girl who  Was told she was pretty a little Too often. I am a girl who Understood divorce  Before she knew what love was.   
I'm from the world of Polly Pockets, from sidewalk chalk, and the Sounds of Music. I'm from uniforms, blonde braids, from blue eyes, and loud giggles.   I'm from seventeen Oktoberfests, chicken dances,
They take my kindness for “weakness”. They take my silence for “speechlessness”. And they consider my uniqueness, as “strange”.
I am clumsy-tripping, falling over thin air I am awkward I am a professional procrastinator-last minute finishes abound I am an optimist I am a dreamer, staring out the bus window worlds away I am a romantic
Who am I you ask? Someone you can’t find in the past. Every time you see a house I hope you think of me. Because I am warm, I am the home to those who need me to be. I am sturdy, steady and strong. I am that person you can lean on.
Knowledge is power. Go to School, Study, Work… Then die. But how am I supposed to learn when all I think of is my Debt. School cost way too much. Life is too expensive. Jobs to few and too far.
Anxiety’s like a tightrope/ That swings in time to the/ Wind’s steady movements./ Below my bare toes/ Which curl tightly around the/
What defines a person? Thier possessions, thier friends, their actions? No. A person is defined by their beliefs. These beliefs are what shape a person's life.
Eight thousand, four hundred and seventy nine.   One hundred billion.   One hundred, seventeen thousand.   One hundred trillion.  
 I AM I am a benchwarmer and a starter. I wonder why I play this sport. I hear coach yelling. I see that I am back on the bench. I want to start every game.
Her name means pure Her name means peace Her name means serene Her name as tranquil as the summer sea 
I’m from Martinelli's apple juice, From windex and sqeeqee’s I am from the painting of clouds dancing through the ceiling. I am from white Alcatraz, the morning dew sliding down the grass
I am loving and kind. I wonder about the future. I hear my future calling me. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to be me. I am loving and kind.   I pretend to be someone else.
Everyone says I'm a good person,Everyone says I have a kind heart,But they don't know everything I've done.They don't know that instead of sweet, I'm actually tart.
On my page in this book called “Life,” Words are everywhere. They are omnipresent expressions, They convey who I am.
Soaring through the waxwing slain One sound, one bearing None to fight the slain waxwing feign   No contortions and no appobations of collegiate youth but the mere understanding of what  it is
I am like the crashing waves the strong water that never seems to cave it beckons and calls to me. My heart is cacophony of sounds, loud, but good all around
I a
I am different than most, similar to few always wanting to try something new tried and true, breaking through an ever changing world view too complex to sum up in review
Who I am today is unique to me alone. No one else has lived the life that I have known. But who I am today may change at any time, Without and reason, or even any rhyme.
Who am I? Honor Service Love All praise goes to the man above Who am I? Peace Serenity Happiness Because I am aware that I am blessed Who am I? Bright Bold
Everybody in the world would like to showcase their tal
I am strong and I am steady. On my toes and at the ready A bleeding heart, a soothing song A friendly smile, a healing balm Rough enough, worn and weathered With a wealth of patience that cannot be measured.
Preface: The direction wind blows matters not To the skilled sailor If the water fighting back the hull should freeze The ship will rest To the orphaned chick The wind is mother
I am... resiliant, patient, motivated, resourceful, loved, sensitive, knowledgeable, grateful, spiritual, creative, passionate, smart, talented, 
I am the high hopes and big dreams of a little girl.  a little girl that found fun in everything  fun with friends and family. I am the mom and dad who made me, the mom who gave me my dark brown eyes, 
Jaunty Easy-going Short Smart Intuitive Calm Ambitious  
I am about as young as I will ever be the beard is looking thin but the mind is a lifetime of memories like remember? When I was thirteen? Skateboards and bursts of energy
Drama, Comedy the Scenes of my Life Prepare Me for a Journey of Excitement and Delight A Nervous Animation it is Up or is it Down Do I Give Them Myself or Will they Even be Around  
I am stronger. I am taller. I am the one with the cocoa butter skin. I am the one that kids use to make fun of when the lights went off in the classroom. I am the one that smiled despite the darkness ,
With good comes bad and                  with both comes life With cacophony comes euphony and                   with harmony comes strife With one comes its counterpart-
I have dedicated my life to what is humble,
I am from the elderly: The young, embodied in old. Oil paintings, nickels, toothpicks, Soup-ified meals, straws, and distant looks.                I am from memories.   I am from plum trees
They said junior year was the most difficult Well they were surely wrong Yes the spring of SAT's and college visits were strenuous But senior year was strong   My first priority was cross country
I am a Christian   Making my way through life
Am I good enough? Is there something wrong with me? Why am I always being ignored? Am I invisible? Why do they all flock to her and not me? Am I not pretty enough? Funny enough?
Who am I? I'm not just some normal person to come by. I am unique, Just become I have diseases does not mean I am weak.   My story began long ago, in a hospital room with a light than had a dim glow.
I am the sidewalk being walked on constantly, downgraded daily and rarely renewed.
I am a warrior. I am not a mental illness.   The labels that I check on documents do not define me.   I am capable. I am not handicapped.   Do not discredit me
The hands of time move if your looking or not,a clock could be broken but you can still feel that time is moving forward, it dosen't wait for you ,it doesn't care ,time can feel slow or fast but we all know it won't
I am…    A girl With problems    That no one can see. A girl    That no one understands. I am    Someone who everyone gives up on. But I am    Stronger    Unbreakable
I am somebody, On this world, That is small, But will make a major impact. I am somebody, In the United States, Who has a mind for success, And will do anything to succeed.
I can do many things. I can walkI can talkI can read And I can write. I can follow my dreams. I can be a doctor I cam be a teacherAnd I can be a chef.
I am from books. From the animal shadows in the morning, and from the fire in the fireplace at night. I am from the forest, who's darkness I have come to know, and love.
As the blue sky turns to grey the love I once gave you will forever stay but all you have to give is  the pity that I already feel for  both of us, not only hatred but disgust  
I am the mind inside the body that you see I am one human in 2015 I am one animal on planet Earth I am one with the universe I am two eyes looking out into space
This poem is not about who I am and the life I live, but instead about who I'd be and what my life would be like if I could afford to live it.  
A black cloud  drapes the moon
There was a time when I wanted to be alone little voices in my head said you don't need anyone because no one needs you   Those words were all I could hear 
 Persist and Press On   No matter the measure, No matter the competition, No matter the difficulty,
For years I've wondered who am I? What is it that I'm meant to be? Right now I can't see the road ahead of me. I've been dying to find my place in life. Everywhere I go I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Over thousands of throws, feet rise like a sand castle. Built from nothing  into a unique something. only to be thrown again  by the tides of time. washed away in a cleansing 
I am  an ocean, so deep. with may parts that never be seen and many depths that never been explored by all, not even by myself...   I am the sky, so beutiful,
People often form first impressions of me and then pigeon-hole me as one type of person or another, but I soon prove to them that I am multi-faceted and unique.
Don't bother looking up "Ashley" in the Dictionary; Nothing will be there. Instead, I implore you to look up: "Hopeful" Because I am hopeful for the future of every community in the world. "Happy"
I am petrified.  I wasn’t always; It used to be different.
In elementary school they would say: You are a loser You are a wierdo You are a sight I don't want to see You only want attention When you scream at a bug Deserving of the things they did to me
I hide from the world, Something not uncommon to see. But when you peel back the layers, You find what is really me.   I am fire, I am light. I have flame inside my soul.
I am sky blue: The enticingly flaky polish that My restless nails mutilated In an anxious fit of obligation.  
I'm the fat girl, I'm the Geek, I'm the one playing WoW and Guild Wars, And the one caught quoting Princess brides; "Yes, yes. You're very funny. Now shut up." I'm able to quote Shakespeare;
"You're not normal!" "You're a freak!" These words dig into my skin. Even my parents, the ones who are supposed to love me regardless, ask, "Why can't you just be normal?" But what is normal?
I sat outside my house, to avoid its inside        and be alone to think. I like to think        you see. I like to understand.  The clouds decide to join me, to be part 
I am a cross symbolizing who saved me.
Flying through the Air I Fall,I Crash, I Slam Down Confusion Engulfs   Loss of memory My headaches refuse to cease Goodbye gymnastics
I am a cracked fortress Repairs are slow  With only one soul. I am sitting on the edge of a cliff With darkness below  Inside a galore behold.
Pause.  Let me say how I feel and I will resume with a smile on my face 
I am... I don't know. For the longest time The answer has been I don't know. Before I slipped off the edge of childhood I didn't have a clue, I only had hopes And then winds of time came
I am a man traversing a path, A path that is unique in it's marrow, Though this path is shared with friends,
I guess I always walked at a little different beat, Then those around me,  Like a polar bear in the heat,  I never seemed to fit in, you see, Singing a melody different from them, 
I am the person I've set out to be, I am that person who stands free. I am the person whoses skin color reflects a history of hate, Yet I am the person who is never late.   I toss and I turn fighting myself,
I am a leaf that changes color with time, weather, and seasons, easily affected by events and the people around me. I am a patchwork quilt,
A Survivor That's what I am Ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I have lived through wars inside my head I have battled the skin on my wrists with razor blades
I am a curvy latina woman one who's descendants have long black hair and beautiful brown eyes I am the roses in my aunt's garden filled with beauty and unblemished I am my mother's hot chocolate on a winter's day
I am a kaleidoscope an equasion a Fibonacci spiral, going deeper and deeper more complex and colorful than even I can understand.  I dig deep within myself and search
I am America
I AM young, but also make mistakes. I AM smart, but have trouble getting things right from time to time. I AM a girl striving to be great., but will fail before I can get back up.
Bricks fall but there so hard to pick up!
I am a person of color Though this doesn't make me smaller; I am still a scholar   I am growing,
Over the high slopes of snow the frozen beast lays In deep slumber he rattles his tail and shakes his pearly fur Its honed fangs caged behind the his purple swollen gums
I am an Artist. You just got to see, The wild colors inside of me. Bursting into air, Coloring skies,  Like never before. The passion that filled my heart,  Exploded. I am an Artist. 
I am Strong,  I am no longer broken. A younger version looks at myself today in awe of the stranger.  She expects to find a torn down girl on the verge of a final breakdown. 
I am a manNo different from any otherI feel, I hear, I hurtAnd I do the same for othersYet I still maintain who I amNo matter what changes me
I Am Black and BeautifulI am courageous and strong!I may not have the best hair, Or be the smartest of my peersBut,I AM beautifully flawed.The shade of my skinMy growing intelligence within, An eager passion to be successful I am courageous and st
I am Me You can catch me on that big stage ME You can see mewith all the lights shining on my face ME You can see me at the top of that best grades list
Younger me, was full of life, my future stuck in a bag, in my hand lay the knife. I stabbed and I poked, I tried only to find, that the knife lay dull and life was why. Sharp objects I searched for,
I am from rural Poland comfort Ended one October day   Last view of pastures and their grazers After 6 years of childhood   All familiarity ended by a flight 9 hours 4,500 anxious miles
I am anxious. I am unsure. I try anyway. I am BOLD.
I don’t unde
  I am a songwriter. I am a songwriter because music is the one idea that can evoke multiple emotions out of a single person,
I Am Poem I am an innocent sentenced for life.I wonder if breakfast will come today.
Going back and forth I hear steps in my room But for what it's worth I have lived in gloom The days are gray The nights are black I try to pray To go back The smiles, the vow
I am hardy laughs and the flight of bird wings in the early morning.   I am the first star that shines when i look up at night,                               and i am the last one to disappear.  
I'm the girl that walks alone, 
Picture a dimmed lit light fixture. Smear blood on the canvas to paint a picture. Blend pain and a smile until it's a perfect mixture. Somewhere within the mess you may find me.
She’s the girl with the smile She’s the really peppy one that likes to dance She’s the one that’s always happy, no matter what She’s the one who’s able to hide her other side
To seek what I am I must find what I am not. How difficult this seeking is when I am what I am not.
I once dreamt of what I believed defined freedom: Freedom to choose what I want and do as I wish - To live in foreign lands and uncharted waters, With a tropcal island added to that list.
I am an essay. I am a delicately carved, yet actively changing piece of work. Hours I spend carefully synthesizing ideas to create a perfect blend. I need help. I need peer edits,
I am love. I am the light in the dark
Sometimes I think the only reason  people remember my name is because they've all met a dog named Riley. It's usually a Labrador.  Or maybe you remember my name because I'm that girl that skipped fourth grade and 
I am  coming to where you are.   
I am brave. I am self motivated. I walk the road I pave. I am saved, a strong believer I am today.
 I am from cattle, loud and impatient And from corn, towering and emerald And also from equipment, flamboyant and mended  
I am..Someone who will be heard i will not be pushed away. I will be heard. i will not be silenced because of my skin. My skin is the same as your skin dust and dirt. I will be heard because i am someone.
How can I be defined?   I am Strong /Weak Faithful/Fleeting Loving/Hating  
I am an overcomer;
How I wish I could respond when an interviewer, casting director, or person in general asks if I could express alittle bit about myself. Consider this a proper introduction to who I am, to the best of my ability.  
I am delicate
the last time you heard fr
I am Rose I am the light that brightens the day I am the one who lives in a backyard I am the one who is in need of care and love I am the one that's very sensitive  I am Rose 
Once I was a lot of thingsI had a blanket capeA paper crownA fairy gownBut somehow it escapedI was saving galaxiesSo sure of all I knewBut someone stole my powersNow what am I suppose to do?
I learned about dualism a year ago. How everything comes from two. I only applied it to literature though, until I realized it really is me and you. I am bold when something is important to me,
We are the sum of our experiences, The product of our circumstances,  Powder kegs of emotion and rationality.
He choose me because I was differrent, He choose me because I stood through the storm, Even though I a woman,
I am  supposed to be statistic right..... I am supposed to be that girl with out a  father to care for her
Look beyond the sterile walls, Where well ones fear to tread, And buried in the concrete there, You'll see a girl who's dead. You won't see any body, though, For while this soul is gone,
Who am I? Compared to what I am expected to be? I have straight brown hair and light skin. I have freckles on my nose and cheeks. I hope one day I grow up like my mother. Who am I?
The color of intensity Running through our veins   Deep beneath the surface The emotion sill remains   Passion is emerging Burning fire you can’t hide   Roses begin to blossom
I am a child in a grown man’s world, yet I am a king/ I am the light in the midst of darkness/ I am a brilliant mind among ignorance/ You may ask, “Why then are you not in the public schools?”/
I am me From my head  To my toes I am the universe But I am very small I am my culture But I am different I am bisexual But I am not confused I am a friend
  Mother’s first memories are holding their newborn. That was not the case with me. Put in a helicopter after birth, my mother became forlorn. I was dying due to Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension, you see.  
Who am I? I am shy But around my friends I am loud. I am smart But sometimes not so much. I am funny But it is mostly myself that thinks that. I am young
I am not just the descendant of a slave—Selah I am not just some animal who gave up his hide—Selah I am not a black man—Selah I am self-defined like the kings before me—Selah  
I am... The 4.0 student
I am talentedI am covered in a cloak,out of sightout of mindIt is hidden somewhere inside me
  Useless is what I have become, just particles floating around in the air.
I was a child with dreams. I was, in my mind, one of the greatest athletes in history. I was a child building forts with my cousins. I was, for a time, innocent. I was a child who lost his family.
I am a teacher
I walk in the day  I walk in the night They can see me in their sight In the bright day light As I move with pace They judge on my race Knotted up like a lace Scared to show my own face
I am this generation. The generation that witnessed police burtality in 2015, when back in elementry school we were taught that the police were here to help us.
The leaves rustle as I dance on byand trail behind me across the ground I can come on strong and surprise youand take your breath as I swirl around
I am undecided.  It's funny to me, when I have to respond to a prompt with "who I am". As if I have 1/100th of a clue. As if I have lived a full life. 
 I am misunderstood , I am not what you think I am.  Cruel , mean , or rude , yelling , screaming. I am a kind soul,  who just wants to be heard. I am a hard determined worker, 
Petey pumps his iron. At the end of each day, the only thing he finds joy is in getting those loyal gains.
I did not want to become the person I am today.  I was just an innocent young girl until one day, Reality hit me like a storm.  
I am... more then a woman
I began on a rainy, cold fall night. I was an ‘accident.’ The shaking hands and rage encompassed shock of my mother. The free money and sedentary existence of my father.
I WAS a Florida girl... I AM relocated in my teen years. I WAS popular, a friend to all students that were bullied... I AM me, more independent and still a friend to all students that are bullied. I WAS comfortable and settled....
I am a listener, Awakening to the sounds of the day, Swaying to the whispering rhythms that no one else can hear, And feeling cool, like in awesome, with goosebumps on my arms.  
Anita A/ni/ta
Her words were as sweet as honey, And her smile was even sweeter. She would always help those around her, No matter who or what the situation was. She always praised others,
                             Love                   An emblem of eternity              A purely enchanting potion                  For thyself 
For all my life a song has played in my head,
The world seemed to go on, the sky remained blue the grass greener than ever But momma went missing Silence filled the house, so deafening it hurt our ears We learned to muffle our steps and not to make noise
I am not just a Label.  
I am three long roads running perpendicular to the interstate.I am the permanent whispering in the back of your mindthat says you’ve disappointed your parentswith your liberal tongue and too soft heart.
I am...  A human.  A woman.  I am...  Whimisical.  Funny.  Soft.  Smiley.  Hopeless romantic. In love. I am...  Anxious.  Scared.  Hurt. 
I AM Brooklyn's Finest, Please let me remind ya, that I havent been in Brooklyn for a while, but I AM... Brooklyn's Finest! The first thing they see is, STREET, HOOD, UP TO NO GOOD.
I am calm like the ocean's waves crashing upon the shore, with sweet serenity I reflect grace from my inner core. I am delicate as a flower that sprouts in the spring,  yet strong as a boxer inside a boxing ring. 
I am Human I am Fearless I am a Provider I am a Sister I am a Believer I am an Achiever I am a Christian Above all…. I Am Woman and I Will Prevail Through Everything Imaginable
I absorb a tender kiss from the pressed lips that never say “love you,” I dine on a replenished plate while hardly ever murmuring a “thanks.”
All of a sudden everything changed Nothing at all seemed the same Just stayed quiet and never spoke a word
I’ve always loved overcast. I have my reasons but they can’t be taught. Discovering its depth is a personal experience. I wonder whether other people love it or not?    I see overcast in everything.
A fairytale begging One whom believes in magic in a world beyond the one you know slowly growing still believing in love in family in friends and the world around never fear
As tears slowly fell from her eyes  The paper written with our next future step
If I
My race, the color of my skin shouldn't affect how you view meWhat you should be looking at is that which you cannot see
I am… una indipendente, forte, bella, donna nera  
  I am a cancer survivor
A continual change lives inside of me My story follows; Family of four ‘till a blessing in disguise Now we’re a family of five Long practices to longer games Jv to Varsity
I AM… I was a caterpillar Each day I existed; my life meaningless and without purpose All I had was a desire to eat
I am like a blossoming flower not quite there but on my way  I stand tall like the Eiffel Tower  i see myself as a bright sun ray  my thoughts keep flowing like a running shower
"You're so smart." "You get 'A's, so you're probably doing it right." "I'm so dumb." "Doesn't this model look great? Yeah, 'cause you're in her group." Oh, I want to scream!
I was born on August 25th I hear that makes me a Virgo,
I opened my eyes and colors were foreign All the more reason to close them again   Pressed flush against the summer heat I know that time can only pass when I stop to think  But I don't think at all  
They ask me to check what I want to major in;  'Undecided' I check, my heart droppping again I am undecided  The product of parents who didn't know enough into a solution of a child who knows too much
Born a girl But read a book And now what is she, A he An it? Doesn’t she know the pain he causes others When it Or xe? Decides a thousand things In a single day?  
I am the young black girl with thick nappy hair.
I am a child of God. His grace is within me. I will live my life for him and spread his Word among my peers.  
Four brothers lost from each other. Two never born and one was taken. The last of the brothers was everything but shaken.   He didn't know anything, but later he would get visions.
  I am from family gatheringsAnd Sunday schoolSoccer cleats with knee high socks.Shopping and being with friends.
I am the average senior I am my sweat pants  I am my three-day-old curls I am my depressing face and tired eyes I am one of the leaders of tomorrow I am the one who is asleep in the back
If the dictionary was opened You'd turn it to four-hundred-twenty. "The girl with a ton of problems And self-esteem issues a-plenty."   I am the definition of modest
I Am Paint splashed onto weary walls That have stood over centuries of the normal person. Spots of color to prove I am different Than the rest  Splotches that don't blend in With the rest
I am not defined by the way I look.Each freckle on my face stands for what I will become.The scars are the words that my wondering mind holds.I am not defined by the way I look. 
  Yesterday, I met up with a girl I know.   Every so often, we like to catch up on our lives. I’m always interested in seeing how she is as time flies. She enjoys learning new things and desires to grow,
I would not be me if I had a regular teenager life. The main idea for a teenager is to have good grades, a good family, a relationship, and some fancy car. I could calculate and say that only thirty percent on this earth have that. Others?
I would not be me if I had a regular teenager life. The main idea for a teenager is to have good grades, a good family, a relationship, and some fancy car. I could calculate and say that only thirty percent on this earth have that. Others?
I am a developing artistwith creations flowing from my palmsacting as brushesmolding myself into who I want to beI form to my own opinionsbut there are those timesothers have the brush
I am proof that God makes no mistakes. I am not claiming to be perfect. I am a person who recognizes their flaws and embraces them. I am a confident woman.
I am... Strong. I am... Dedicated. I am... Bold. I am... Perserverant.  I am... Successful.  I am... me.
I am ... I am weak I am strong I am light I am dark I am joy I am sorrow I am my past I am my future I am a culmination of all that is in the world
I am a Mother A woman of Faith I find my escape in God's great embrace I am a teacher In my daughter's ways Teach her right from wrong
If there was one word in the dictionary to describe me, One word. It would be complicated because I am. I am complicated because I never seem to know what I'm feeling.
Laying on a bed of dewy grass itching my finger tips Labs lick my face, drool dripping from their puppy lips Arms like blades cutting through the snow Impressions of my guardian angels all in a row
I am Lucas. Yet people insist that I am someone named "Hannah", Someone that is no longer me. I am male. Yet people insist that I am female
I am 7 years old and my mother is reading my bedtime story. I am 7 years old and I discover Harry Potter for the first time. I am 7 years old and I learn to devour books like candy.
I am...heartache with pursed lips in the shape of a smile... I am... illusionist, willing to show nothing but joy... I am...motivated to prove naysayers wrong with my sound
I am diverse I stick out too any creature in this universe  Once we converse... the thoughts on the next Man you had compared too me Becomes much worse.. I am deligent...
I am diverse I stick out too any creature in this universe  Once we converse... the thoughts on the next Man you had compared too me Becomes much worse.. I am deligent...
How am I supposed to define myself and who I want to be when I don’t even know myself? Add the adolescent pressure of fitting in, divided by trying to be who I actually am, times the expectations my parents have for me,
Filled with love and hate, gentle and kind,
I am what I am I am no one special.
I Am What I Am. I relish in the pure serenity, open air and quite calm of the dark damp shelter of the temperate forest.
I am beautiful,I am strong.I am perfection,I am never wrong.
I maybe fat, but thats not the true me The true me loves to Read every kind of book
I. I am fascinated by numbers I have an affinity for numbers.   I have written him 71 pages of poems. 14675 words and counting 2462 stanzas 3241 lines mounting. Upon each other like
I am from the little yellow doll house, on market street,  with the crippled swing set in the backyard, rusted with the tears of my youth.   I am from nights spent at my  grandparents,
I am a realist who wants to see the sunshine A sensible soul who wants to hear laughter My love for happiness isn't purely for me  
I was weak. I was young. I was pain I was dumb. I was alone with nowhere to hide. No strength. No hope. No love. No growth. I was stuck in an agony-filled life. I fought.
Split nails, grinding teeth
Who am I? To say am not as good To say am not a wonderful person To say am not an amazing human being   Who are we? To say we are not good To say we are not wonderful people
I am Extrovent I enjoy to make people happy  And never at times my hair is nappy I enjoy to drink a frappie  When i talk i make people HAPPY!!!!!!!
I am a mom. A full time student, a full time worker. My life is always busy. To get to the better side That's the goal.   I love to help people I want to change lives
I am not a loser
At age eleven I heard the kids talking Calling girls a word I had never heard before They told me what "Lesbian" meant And that it was bad And so it was   At age twelve
This world tags pigs with lying notions Makes masks to cover true emotions Fools the wise, “this is right, that is wrong,” A painted beauty, twisted all along.   But, in the rare cases, we can find
More than I was yesteday. A constant reminder that No matter how far you fall, There is aways stength in tomorrow.   You have been... Everything and everyone but youself. An examle of conformty
What kind of man will I be? 
What am I?   I've been within a endless battle for years. Yet every day I hide the marks with a smile. I'm not perfect, even at times I try to be. I change fast to fit in with my surroundings.
I am unorthdox.   What do you expect? I mean, I do come from a short line Of strong women, Independent women.   I'm free of whatever sosciety  tried to do to me.
With Starbucks in her hand, She walks in her brown Ugg Boots Remaining basic.
I’m a women but I’m not helpless
I Am Poem      I am from "Que vivia Mexico" To "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." Two countries united as one Vengo de una familia imigrante Luchadora,empredendora
Happiness, fun, excitement, where are you? We used to be best friends, now I can't seem to find you.  I'm hanging up "missing" posters all over,  I cherished the time we had.
The sum of my parts A total of all my goals  Pure joy nothing less
Fall leaves blow in the wind My body begins to cringe Flowers die Animals run and hide, Snow flakes collide with the ground Kids mess around Rodes turn to ice Winter wasn't so nice,
I am a world changer watch as tectonic plates move at my fucking request I am a whole person and I am the world, the world is me. My screams make every animal awake. I
"STOP!!!", The word the soiety says, People are born to be different they say. But when you are, they push you away. Our life is ephemeral so why live not day by day,
All around me I see people in agony. Seeking for a cure; transfixed by comfort's allure. Medicine ever-changing the sick's hope rearranging. To be a part of this miraculous team,
I am... I am my own person  I am the getting the keys to unlock my future  I am doing it for me
I am the author Of a storyrite with somthing to offer Its time and place set, b not limited to, my imagination A story often read with misinterpretation The characters may come and go
I'm drowing in your potion lips soft lotions
I wear a mask on the hottest day, in the middle of winter. Everyday. I cannot go without my smiling mask. I bring it with me where ever I go. "Why?", some will ask. To hide a secret within.
I am cursive.
Paint me lost in the darkness. Paint me slipping away from every thought,Sinking in despair--unable to escape.Paint me with pitch black in sight and light always on my back.Being lost in an ocean of tears
I am more than numbers on a screen. I am an artist. And that's all I really know.
Do you believe me now? Now that I'm telling the whole world about this crime? - The First Thing: Why didn't you yell?
I stand five foot two, with a scar here and there. But oh, that is not me. Oh no, I am more than that. I am my love; Love as I cry on the step because Papa is gone,
Define moxie Moxie is me I snap my fingers 1 2 3   My shoes are loud My smile is wide My confidence is Like the high ocean tide  
The girl with that slick mouth. The girl who does her own thing. The smart girl. The kind of rude girl. The girl who is kind of crazy. The lonesome girl.
I AM… I am not only my voice, Not only my opinions. I am not only my brain, Not only my intelligence. I am not only my beauty, Not only my flaws.  
I am because I was I was naive I was deceived I was young I was told one day “No Courtney that is not your life. What you thought was all a lie. You’ve lived in ignorance for years
I am more than your words and sideways glances My knowledge is ever expanding and pushing foward I am more than "act like a lady" and "settle for this instead" Succes is the goal and hard work is my path
"Comete todos tus vegetales," my mother would tell me As I sat, after school, at our small dinner table in our small dining room In our small, two bedroom, one bathroom house.  
I am intelligent,  because I keep my head in the books.  I am a chef,  because I can soemtimes cook.  I am a girl,  because it's the way of the world.  I am an artist, 
Today I woke up and I stopped The world was turning and I was stopped As life went on I stood still I let fate happen and I had no hope I grew up and hit puberty My body changed but the people didn't
Here i sit, in my chair dull gray uniform, long curly hair worried bout money, thought i'd share tried to ask my boss, as if he would care   my job doesnt pay, not many do
I am many things for I am the constant change that has no range where change is my constitution and adaptation my revolution
I am a lover and a leaver I wonder about my own future I hear the calling of my fate I see the whole of the ocean I am a lover and a leaver   I pretend I'm a grown man
I am... I am strong giving a shoulder to those in need going through pain but not letting you see me bleed but  I am weak  breaking down and crying all night flinching from my own shadow from the dark 
I met her in a pre-calculas classroom my third year of highschoolshe was warmth and loving hugs for a total of three days
I am the backpack you used
Just because I don’t swear, It doesn’t mean I’m square, Doesn’t mean I’m ignorant, Doesn’t mean I’m nice, I’ve been saved through Christ.
Forgive and forget Live in peace not regret Smile don't fret.   Don't wihdraw from your life, it wasnt a mistake No matter the circumstances you must be willing to take.  
I am Not a statistic Not a number Not a test score Not an ethnicity Not a ranking   I am Not a sick day
I am not any of them because I am all of them. I am the wind that blows the trees and howls through out the night. I am the waves that consumes the ground with a cold lonely fight.
Baby Phat Shout- Out Atigre’ Farmer © Copyright 2013        
I am like a carrot, crunchy at first bite, But if you chew through the hard parts, I'll make you feel alright. I am like an onion, layered to the core, The center revealing what I'm fighting for.
I am the Blood and cries of the Aztec women
Your words do not define me For I define myself Not with power and glory Nor money and wealth   You'll see her in the corner  You'll see her by herself You'll see that she's a loner
I am Wendy, official Lost Girl I take the lead with pride but also dare to follow I believe in everything and discount nothing Though doubt is something i'm no stranger to  
Sometimes, when I have an existential crisis like everyone does some time in their life, I turn to Dictionary-dot-com and search myself up.  This is what I see: Iris P.—noun. /ˈaɪ rɪs pi/  
I am a strong person I will fight for what I want. I am strong-minded I am smart I am independent I am who I am I am honest I am confident I will achieve my goals I am proud
She is a quiet, smart  Sweet  little girl who loves to learn Teachers praise her up and down  Parents envy how well behaved she is  Their children, her classmates, though don't understand it yet
Fuck what they think. I be sun kissed, crazy, wild flower child. I be chocolate eating, ice cream loving, sweet, Sweet lover. Why should I care about the box that this world puts me in? I be poking holes.
I am unidentified. A pretty face and name with a unknown destiny. They ask me to be vocal, But I AM afraid, They ask me to be aggressive, But I believe in inner peace They ask me to be in power,
I'm a mountain that has been moved. I'm a cloud who has nowhere else to go At night I feel like a vampire A parasite tattoo that nectors the blood of others with nothing in return but useless pain
I am a believer, I often wonder how the world works, I hear butteflies whisperto me,
I am invictus. This is my battle cry. A million armies can knock me down, but none will ever cease my fight.   Mountains rise before me and behind them hides the light, but I am not defeated
i don't expect you to understand; understand—you are not me.  you are not six seven three one one four fifty, chipped finger nails and did you see
I was born to be a rainstorm The words you do not speak When the rain it starts to hail  And the roof begins to leak I was born to be the wind A tornado just inside Though you run for shelter
Who am I? What a funny question to ask. What makes me, me? My brown hair? My eyes? My lips? My body? What makes me, me? Is it the way I laugh? The way I talk?
The other day I was asked to describe myself in one sentence And when put under pressure, words shoot out of me like a bullet from a gun, I answered, "I'm like a shoe."
I am Terrified. Not all the time, no. Only when I look in the mirror and see a girl who doesn't know where she fits and a girl who doesn't feel like anything more than half of an intangible whole.
Who am I?  I am a small town girl a leader when i have to be, but i prefer to follow  I am the book nerd, but i like the outside world better Who am I?  I am a simple teenage girl, in a not so simple world.
If you buy the ticket you take the ride Though sometimes it hurts you deep down inside Buy the wrong ticket and you'll be lead astrew Rather the ticket holder be me or be you But in the end the best will die
I feel free & out of control
I am a song, melody unheard lyrics unsung    I am a slave and the world is my cage while their words bind me in chains   But they do not define me
Kathryn 9/3/15 If I Were A Word If I were a word I'd be simple word Shine
We are different yet the same. Society demands we fit in, conform to their ways, But we are screamed at to be different, the right kind of different.   Don’t be a freak, Don’t be too smart
I am Katherine. I am a writer, A daughter, A nerd. I am addicted to stories in all of their forms Drawn to celtic music And laughter. I am intelligent, Artistic, Mature.
To be or not to be? The true question is, who's really me The mind of a kid who has a grasp on life.  That can create visual replications of what is right The past, the future, to him none so real
I am the ninth letter The name of the writer The one who speaks to the readers I; a human; a mortal; the one Who has but much to be done Yet accomplished so little To type this out
Letting go of inhabitions, having only good intentions. Trying for better days, seeing new reasons to make me stay. I don't live to die, I live for today.   These are things that set me free.  
I am not she I will never look the same But, I am me And you are to blame.   You say that you love me How can that be? I am not perfect I’m only maybe a 3.   In your eye,
In fourth grade, I was bullied. Two girls who didn't fully  know me. They decided to act like a I was a flea  and they wanted to crush me. It was so hard and oh how I wish
I walk through the hallways. People notice it always. They snicker and sneer, whenever I come near.  "Why don't you shave it?" they say. But I wouldn't have it any other way.   It makes me, me,
In a hall with three doors, she stands   She had hoped she would be brave Yet she is afraid
        I am Emerge into joy
I am Medusa. When my tongue snaps, it is a thorned whip on the backs of a million sinners. A snake's venom slithering deep in the bloodstream, paralyzing muscles and stopping hearts.
Most of the time, things are different than what they seem, friends turn out to be traitors, reliable jobs fall thorugh, love proves inself unfaithful.   The rest that is left is exactly as it seems, it
I run my hand across the battered and worn cover,
The faces we wear,
I am me. I am a girl, a girl who survived.
I am, imperfect Flawed, but accepted I am, intellectual  Blood running among books I am, love God is love, through him we are to I am, joy Moments shine bright I am, depression
On the outside, I am clean The sun shines bright But on the inside reside my dreams Which are, truely, a fright. I don't know where I am bound But I do know what I am. Might as well hop on a Greyhound
As I grow up, (I never promised Peter Pan) the imbalance of chemicals try to right themselves into what will be, is me.   So if I seem louder, so if I find it uncomfortable
I am melanin I am beautiful I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend   I am also  labeled as a statistic Sought out to be just another "black girl"
I have never really been able to imagine what I would do with my life, I do not know if I will become a Partner in a Marketing Firm, or even a brilliant designer, I can strive towards goals with my ambitions,
I am So many things in varying shades. Some days I'm warm pastels and others I'm vibrantly displayed. My canvas is the world and language is my muse. I look upon this earth and see all the tools I could use.
Mother once told me That I am strong and I am beautiful I am intellegent and I am capeable. I am only fifteen, but in my few years I have seen, I flip through the pages of shiny, newly bought magazines.
(I am who I am as a result of who I am not)   I am not the girl my parents thought I would be
Space and Time have only met me  
You always hear, "Never trust the quiet ones." I must say, in my case, That is true. I am quiet And I am shy, But I also have An unexpected side. Quiet girls tend to be considered
I am the weight that makes the ground beneath me Tremble When I land on my feet. I am the storms that plow through lands and tear Right through civilization's seams.
I am UniqueI am a person that willEnjoy hanging out with friendsWhile also enjoyingHaving a little alone timeI am a person who will say what I thinkBut is scared to go in front of crowds
                                                                                I am… Different Lasheema Kearney 8/27/15 I am... The essence of the word we call different
Ingenious I am an ingenious black woman. I am…… Viewed as a victim Categorized as a minority Portrayed as a perpetrator   I am a product of my environment I was……
From the moment she breathes she wants to be doctor.   Mostly because it's doctor.
I am not to be seen nor heard, but to be unnoticed and pushed into a corner. I am not to be who I want to be, but to be who they’ve already planned for me.
As a small town 17 year old girl, I haven’t seen much of the world. Sure I’ve traveled to different states, But things of that nature are mediocre To others. My class size is 90; there
I am a good old-fashioned girl. I knit, bake, sew, and crochet. My habits may seem backwards, But life is much simpler that way.   I am Modern. I take Pride In the way
You told me you loved me you told me you cared  I told you I'm broken you said you'd be there you took all my passion my heart and my soul its funny I thought all I had left was a hole
Look into the most famous museums 
Ask me if I've seen it all Age 23 but I feel so small These brown eyes see the worst Some things holy, others cursed Choosing night is a losing game It lets you feel, but only pain
Time and time again I hear you speak Spouting and spitting your misguided bigotry   I've grown and thought  Everything you said, I bought   Hate-filled eyes and hate-filled lives,
Every step I take is a step towards oblivion, an unknown past, a merciless future Counting the edges of the webbed stars on my hand is no more a task than defining my future,
I envy the rising sun, not because of its gross incandescence or from its calming warmth,
I wish i could describe to you the way wind feels.I want to feel wind all the time. Delicate. Beautiful.I know Nothing. I am nothing. I feel nothing. Constant Contradictory Confusion and disillusion
I must have missed the class that tells you how to be a girl I'm talking about the class that tells you
Let me start off by telling you what I'm not I am not the perfect student that gets straight A's I am not the femine daughter my mom wishes she had I am not perfect, but let's face it no one is
In an hourglass and the time is flowingLife is going.Growing and changingCan only see your imprints for a minuteUsually forget to take the minute and realize it
Mesmerized by the beauty Lost in the harmony She is Not focused on the problems But the glory Nor the sadness But their story Not attentive to their faults Only noticing the shine
If you met me today, I would be a shadow in the street
I am from floral paintings, wooden cabinets, and from Midnight Summer scented candles. I am from the redbrick, Victorian style home. I am from steak and beets, the freshly cut grass, and the echoing ballads of geese.
I'm not who I am And I'm not who I say I am. I'm the way I kissed you softly, I am the agony the misses you awfully I am a new page in old book I am the one who took and took
Never been kissed, never been held, never been loved Never been missed
Shattered pieces of glass doesn't mean that you are broken, It means that you are trying to put together a new you. When I was shattered into glass, I did not let the pieces be swept up like dust,
So red like the lips of a fair maiden, creatively pouting,  looking for someone to lay their talking machine upon. So hot like some good sex, leaving you feeling magnificantly drained.
i am.... within myself.
I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a student. I am a hipster.  
Experts say there have been approximately 108 billion people on this planet. At the moment, 7.1 billion are exhaling carbon dioxide.
I am... The voice that speaks for those who can't, because someone sentenced them silence.
I am from a cozy and familiar room. From the pictures of my family to the solitude of the place.
As I walk through the funhouse my image changes
Dealing with depression can be no fun Especially when you feel like you're the only one Two years ago I would have told you I was broken,
beautifil, smart, gracious sweet, thirsting for knowledge.  bookworm, nerd, four eyes.  I am okay. I am called these things, good and bad  but i know that I am perfect.  I was made the way I was because 
I am one person,  flip to a page and there i lay, under the word unplaceable.  I, myself cannot be classified,  put into words,  the entirity of my being.  I am unlike the next person, 
I'm pretty fucking great. Pshh, you know what they say... Okay, so I didn't start that way. I started by living my life on the day-to-day, had no friends, but what could I say?
There is a light behind my eyes
I am that girl.
Cancer. The word itself is a cancer, Igniting fear and disgust when discussed. It is a thief, Stealing happiness, hair, hope. Cancer stole Dad. But this thief defied itself. It gave.
I want my brain to have sanity, for my sleeve to create humanity, for my heart to scream Christianity and for my soul to bleed prosperity.It’s not my fault I eat from the hand that reprimands me or that I’m fainting in the black hole I’m painting
Things happen in life  changes happens in the end this shapes you  challenges are like checkpoints 
Our minds plagued with glass and light
I am a descendant of kings and queens of royalty. Negus by inalterable definition. The specimen of glorious beauty with well-melanin toned skin. The birth of humankind.
I am a colourful darkness
I am undefined, I am undecided, I am unsure, I am unofficial. At the same time though... I am ambitious, I am determined, I am dedicated, I am intuitive. I am a lot of things...
I am Survivor Anne Who has been cast away, who could never meet demands by those more cruel by the words they say. And though they spit and punched and screamed and tried to tear her dow
In a world where wonder whirls in the sky, I lay with my hair in a tangle of curls in a field, cleansed in a warm summer’s glow. Thoughts of the future fade far into the setting sun.
I was a bird. I’d fly through the days.
I've encouraged them from the shadows Have found others and helped them take stage Helped them find the spotlight And from the shadows, I've watched their accomplishments Like they were actors on stage
How do I define myself?I am a galaxy.  
I am heartbroken And I am meant to be See my heart was made for breaking Muscle needs tears to strengthen Pain made made me who I am And it hurts me so much to leave
I hide behind the pages of books... The author's words separating me from the world near beyond repair. 
I Am...Undefined Can't be described, someone you can't find I Am...Developing
I am AJ.
I am what my parents always wanted me to be. I am a good girl with good grades and good friends. I hold doors open for people. I say please and thank you. I do what is asked of me. 
I am done being what everyone wants I am my own person You can not mold me to your likeness My mind simply will not listen. I am tired. I am done.
Little me was always there.   She had her head held high, believed she could surpass all limits,
  I am me and only me
I am a compilation of every person I've known, every moment I've lived
Don’t tell me that you understand Because you probably don’t Don’t get me wrong I need your support And I care about you more than you could know But just because you wrestle with worry every once in a while
I am strong, I am ambitious Like the storms, I can be vicious. I am weak, for I must bow my head So the God above can catch tears my eyes shed. I am tall like a skyscraper For that there is no cure.
I am not trying to be cliche, but Who I Am has been wandering around dark alleyways, groping at plaster bricks in hopes of finding a light switch or a door.   Who I Am
I am an Iconoclast; although many of my goals have been overshadowed by the pressures of the present my progress towards s
I am new. I am new and strong. I am new, alive and singing a new song. The way I was before, Is not the way I walk now. Since the time my heart became whole, And the moment I heard the sound.
Daddy's good with numbers; he's an engineer.   I'm good with numbers too;  could've been an engineer.  
On the street, people turn around to look at me. Not because I'm a muscle stud that a thirsty girl would love to meet, but a man with a crazy personality and an addiction to bowling and sweet tea. Unlike sweet tea,
I am my father's daughter. I have no doubt as I flipthe pristine pages of family photo albumsand see the same gap teeth, the same galaxy of frecklesspattered across the same round face.
No longer will my life be subject to society's rules of how a female should act, look, and do because rusty jewels have the same value I am  tomboy so I won't go down that avenue  
As I watch the darkness fill the vast sea
What Am I? What am I but an ordinary person Riding on the ever-so fast, Yet ever-so slow river of Time?
  I’d like to think that I change often Or, evolve often. I become a brighter Smarter Stronger Version of myself  every day that I am alive  
I am nothing. Too small to even deserve a word. A speck of dust-
I am that fiction book I read at night The book that takes me far away from this place The book that takes me far away from dilemmas  I am that fiction book that makes me feel real is fake and fake is real
As I lay in the darkness My mind filled With the pitch and silence I think…   Why do I feel like this? So comfortable
My name is Courage. I am strong and brave. I don't care what others say Because I am strong enough To define myself, by myself. I don't follow others' tracks I create my own, and leave a path.
We wake up to the songs of birds, Their beautiful tunes are clear and brisk,
I Am many things; Outgoing Determined Happy Different Accomplished
To find SUCCESS , roam through the JUNGLE. You'll find nothing but predators and prey. What are YOU? PREDATOR or PREY? THINK ABOUT IT!
I am an immigrant in my own city I am a woman with brown skin, no one has seen before I am becoming a commodity to those around me who look different
They told me I was smart.
Born into a world that has nothing but templates for beauty, While I sit here and make a list of things that "lack beauty" While others watched their siblings play sports I'd watch my brother play games 
I am not perfect, I will admit that. But I am myself, And that is enough.   I am perfectly flawed, In my own strange way. Passive yet impatient, Both quiet and loud.
i am the soft music from a poor piano player's hands
I Am Me... Brianna is who I am  That means I'm helpful and loving  Determined and hard-working  Frank and honest  Brave and bold 
I am from brown coffee tables, from Shea Moisture and Dove. I am from the yellow walls of the two bedroom apartment.  I am from the chrysantheums that are my mom, the rose buds that stick you. 
  Flashes of white appear before me, forging into the common shape of a bird.
You say I am pretty, I don’t see it.
I am a woman I am a voice I am poised melanin I am unique My soul and spirit is gravatating My words soothe hardened ears My sweet presence pulls you near I am kind
I am me because only I can be, I am me because, through time and space and all that may change, I am left unbroken...     I am my past, my future, my ever growing potential,
Who I am can't be defined with little words or a simple rhyme. For I am everything, and at the same time nothing. I am ideas and thoughts, words spoken and emotions. I am both love and hate,
Broken.  Shameful.  Fearful.  Hurtful.  Hurting.  I am all these things and worse. Redone, undone, I'm done, I'm gone, I'm out of the race, but here you've put me at the finish line. Why?
I am different. But I am me. I am easily forgotten. Who remembers my name? I am the daughter of a father who I do not know. Does he know me? I am a studious student. But does my hard work pay off?
I am the one in the corner reading a book, the scrawny nerd But the vocabulary it gave me the abiliity to write this spoken word A bright thinker in this dark world, I am
Through the golden wood          past running stream               soft breeze behind                    I travel.   Not hurrying          under shining sun               blue sky above
How do you define you? Are you athletic because you play a sport?
What is the thing that defines me? What is left in the minds of those whose lives I have passed through? Is it my redlipsbigcheeksblondehair or any physical characteristics?
Fangirl, that's who I am.
 I am a woman, kind and polite.   I care for others and always try not to fight.   I love my God, my life, and my family.   I am blessed to have others who really love me.  
I keep running from my fears, Torwards my happiness. Blocking out the bad, And absorbing the bliss.  Putting up a wall when I meet people, So I won't get heartbroken.
I am vegetarian to protect Earth's dwindling wildlife Twelve-years-old A dog on the highway Hit by a semi Two broken legs I picked up the poor creature in a towel
Although it may not seem like it, I am clay I can change, mold into something new, and stay that way Due to the environment around me I could be grey Or be something beautifully shaped, the next day  
Look at my big, fat, head, I've got the brains to show for my intelligence, Look at my skinny arms, Don't let it fool you, I'm a lot stronger than I look, Look at me,
I'm like a turtle longing for the fast life but livin' like somebody with the name Myrtle (no offense to those named Myrtle) wishing that i could dive into a cesspool of ecstasy  not sure of
So many great things, expected of me, but what do i see, when i take a glance, in the mirror you ask? Hopeless potential, contradicting i know, but as i go, through the journey of this life i aspire to lead,
I surround myself with people who flock amongst others who are in search for a rock The symbolic rock that this world is built upon the mind that I possess wanders along  while my soul sings the happy song
The Tooth Fairy I believed more
I am thee mvp. Why? Because I've survived. When I wanted to die. Seven years of sexual assult. Domestic abuse and heartache. Dissapointment in myself and still I am alive.
She was the sweet girl She was the beauty in the world The broken bones that go along with the broken heart I am that girl I am the tidal wave of anti-depressants And test after test
Come meet me at the corner,A spot I know all too well,My face hugs pavement,And my wrists twist like hell,The rush of thinking things were fine,I start to get addicted,I don't want no convictions,
  I ' m   c o n t r a d i c t i v e; p r e s u m p t u o u s,   y e t   g e n t l e.
Some call me a math prodigy, Others state a rocket scientist, I am an oddity, probably an anomaly. But, despite what others label me, I call myself a revolutionary,
I am green.  The color with many means. The subtle rage that is yours,
Hello, my name is- well, I don't really know.
Tiny pieces of me are all you’ll get to see because society claims “flawless” is what I’m supposed to be so you’ll see my polished exterior you can bet you’ll see my strengths
Energetic    If you saw me now what would you say?
  I leave all of my doors open. Literally. Mentally. Personably.   I like to have an array of options. A safety net. Some comfort. For I am still broken.  
I am of the human race, so vast, so vacant.I am of the first world, but of the only Earth.I am slender         agile         clever              King.Weak of hand, strong of mind.
I am a failure But I don't give in I persevere  I continue And then,  I triumph  My initial gauche behavior Does not define me
I was born. I was happy. I was waking up in the sweet, noisy woods. I was smiling on a cold winter morning, too warm in bed to move. I was curious, I swam in rivers and lakes, and came home every night late.
I am a small unit flowing through the labyrinth of life.  Through each twist and turn I gain more experience - I am constantly learning more about who I am.  
of hard knocks, and hindsight. Shoulda, coulda, god damns.  Of middle class raised parents backsliding, and the new low income.  Of a school system that pushed me through to the next level,
I don't know, for how could I? I am complicated, yet want to be simple No one can tell me who I am For even I can't decide I wish things wouldn't change For good ideas are left to hang.
I am different I do not blend do not mesh do not conform to the standards that are set out and command I refuse to change myself to please false friends I am my own person
I am more than just a number, I am more than just a test. I am more than that pencil meeting the page. I am mountains, I am earth. I am burning fire, and I am pounding rain. I am iridescent, I am pure.
Fifth grade. The first time I was ashamed of myself. Teasing and taunts seemed like part of the curriculum. In fifth grade I learned to be self-conscious. I learned to watch my weight.
We have voiced our thoughts Tearing away from religion   Many think you’re not worth it The pain you may cause   The stress The money     But what about your love
What am I, I'll ask
I am mis-understood. People know me as the quite one. I'm not that person I was before. If they kew who I turned out to be, they would be stunned. As young, I never thought about guys. I wouldn't even cuss.
To be real I'm hurt. I'm hurt that I feel like it's so hard for people to be real. I'm hurt that when I approach people in an effort to be real They seem to be offended by it and stuck in their shell.
I am not going to dissagreeWhen you say that I've changed.I am not going to laughAt the things we used to laugh at.I am not going to smileAt the mention of my old nickname.I am not going to try
I am made of moments, Of instances in time, Not of big events, That happened around me, But of the small things, The experiences I’ve had, The times I’ve endured, The moments I was in.  
Perfect is not a word for me, Here is a word that has set me free: ‘Original’ is the song I sing Even as the fire engulfs my wing. Never will I die; I am reborn, I am passionate, I am not torn.
Me. Its not as simple as most people would think to define me.
I'll take my crooked finger and point into the mirror reflecting straight off of me, I must've taken a step closer since I vivdly remember what I can still see.   I used my hands to domesticate my wildly untamable hair,
People are like diamonds. Unique, Beautiful, Interesting, With countless facets. We are all different people in different situations. With our family, With our friends,
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