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At the young age of eight
I felt the definition of hate
I thought my porcelain skin was disgusting
And my belly was busting
Driven to tears
Because being ugly was what I feared
Growing up and seeing the effect of drugs
People thinking my brother was a no good thug
It seemed his poor choices people made me pay
And their comments made my pain stay
How they had to watch and judge me
It was due to his poor choices I couldn’t be free
Feeling like I’ve grown up and matured too soon
Almost eighteen and feeling like an old prune
I’ve witnessed a lot of death within a few years
And have burnt my beautiful eyes with many tears
But despite what I’ve been told
My life will not be on hold
For the control of others
I no will stand to be smothered
You can’t knock this gal off her pedestal
My courage alone is celestial
My strength envied
My confidence is admired my many
My life may not have always been beautiful
But the one thing it always will be is powerful

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