Mirror Girl

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 21:09 -- Larue2B


Yesterday, I met up with a girl I know.


Every so often, we like to catch up on our lives.

I’m always interested in seeing how she is as time flies.

She enjoys learning new things and desires to grow,

However, there remain particular traits she still continues to show.


She displays smiles and happily talks to strangers,

Yet still doesn’t trust as she looks over her shoulders in fear of danger.

Could care less if people judge her and doesn’t “care what they think,”

But still a people pleaser and does what others want in a blink.


She revels in giving to others and helping those in need,

But complains she has no time for herself due to all the good deeds.

She shows gratitude for life and finds the happiness in the small,

But bothered by war, poverty, and pollution of the world and thinks, “Is life even worth it after all?”


She loves and cherishes her siblings and other children as if they were her own,

But never, ever wants to have offspring when she is grown.

This girl is a nerd and must obtain all A’s in school,

Lacks confidence in the education system, “They are producing ignorant fools!”


She can be neurotic.

She likes to have a schedule and must be on time,

Yet has the heart of a gypsy, loves freedom, and changes her plans on a dime.


She cried to me because she knows she is a contradiction.

She told me, “I want to fix my ways…it is my mission.”

I let her know she is not alone; most of us change our minds.

“You are a great, loving person, which is the important thing you will find.”


I had a nice chat with her, but I had to say my goodbyes,

Standing too long in front of a mirror tends to hurt my thighs.








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