I am Human

The world is a beautiful place

filled with hopes and dreams.

The future is bright

everyday it seems.


When flowers grow

and the wind starts to blow,

my heart is nothing but warm and clean.


But silly me, I was young then,

I didn’t know that trouble happens again.


All those things that once shine bright just fades away

and it gets so hard throughout the day.


Lies and deceit

makes me feel weak.

I hear those words and see those faces

that act as a friend but are truly foes.


Mean words and aggressive actions

are said and done.

You can’t change them

but you can only prevent them.


A heart that was once joyful

is now more careful.


This feeling of anger and pain

shouts insecurity and fear

as the strength inside begins to disappear.


A child like me just wants to be happy and loved


Care is what’s important

but neglectance is what I experience.

Because people flake, I learn to hate.

But hating hurts much more than loving.


The world is a cruel place filled with hatred and torture

Something so pure is left in crumbles

my spirit shakes as it goes through tunnels.


As time past and I get older,

I learn to be a little bolder.

The skies darken

but stars brighten

and now I feel enlightened.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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