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I Am... Scholarship Slam
I Am... Scholarship Slam I Am... Scholarship Slam
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I am a Poet, ready to create

My words are fierce

Ready to pierce the hate

    I open the gate of my heart and mind

    I am a poet for the people that lost their voice in a war  

    I am a poet for those who are blind

I want to be heard by a society blind with greed

I am a poet because I don’t have a choice

They are making this whole planet bleed

    I am a poet living my nightmares and dream

    A determined woman defying her fate

    A powerful scream

I am a poet, you better believe

I am not giving up

I was born to thrive

    I will always be a poet till the day I die

    My city will see the lies and the blindfolds will fall

    We will look up to the sky

I am a poet, are you one too?


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