I am... Scholarship Slam

I am young.

I am loyal.

I am honest.

I am brave.

I am creative.

I am kind.

I am optimistic.

I am respectful.

I am dependable.

I am different.


I am a boy.

I am a man.

I am a brother.

I am a son.

I am a grandson.

I am a cousin.

I am a nephew.

I am a learner.

I am a follower.

I am a leader.

I am a person.


I am the one.

I am the only one.

I am the only one who defines me.

I am the one who never gives in.

I am the one who goes the extra mile to succeed.



I am the innovator

I am the dreamer.

I am the try hard.

I am the winner.

I am the loser.

I am the best I can be.


But above all,

I am me.




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