Nice To Meet Me

My name is Courage.

I am strong and brave.

I don't care what others say

Because I am strong enough

To define myself, by myself.

I don't follow others' tracks

I create my own, and leave a path.

The road may be bumpy,

But I ride it anyway,

Because I know 

It'll be smooth someday.

When I fall, I get back up.

Nothing can keep me down.

I speak my mind. 

What needs to be said

Will be said.

I take a chance

When it's given to me.

To live with no regrets.

No thoughts of what I could be,

But what I will be.

I try, because I can, 

And I never say I can't.

But I am not just a feeling,

I am more than what you think,

What I think.

It's what I do and say

That shows who I am.

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