I'll Let You Know When I Find Out

Who am I ?

I am me, but is that really true ?

I'm the hero

the villan

the anithero

the anti-villan

I am everything yet I am nothing

I am the one who everyone hates and despises

i am the one who everyone loves and admires

Who am I ?

What am I ?

I don't know

I can't tell you for sure

some call me a demon, a monster

some call me worse

I call myself human but I may be wrong

I am someone and something

but who that someone is, is still a mystery

what that something is, is still undecided

Am I worth something or just completely worthless?

I don't know because I will not label myself 

I won't brag about being the smartest or lie about being ignorant about something

I just won't 

I am a person who is still on her journey

I am the person who is still trying to find her true self

I am a work in progress, I am not yet complete

I am not ashamed, in fact I embrace this 

I am happy to be unique, to strange, to be what society depicts as a freak

because that means I am different, that I am priceless

I am a bunch of odd pieces somehow structured together 

I am art in the making and while some think that means nothing, others believe it's something meant to be great 

as I said before, I don't know who I really am and that is ok

I know some things about me like

I am a kid with a big imagination,

a kid with a thirst for knowledge,

a kid with a hunger to succeed

But I am also weak

I fight the corrupt world we live in today, I fight my dark mind

While I might not always win, I survive

I polish my wisdom while others polish their strength

other people might take my ideas and imitate them but they will never master my way of thinking

because they are not me

I am weak

I know that in reality I am not strong enough to win very single time

although that won't stop me from trying

I will admit this because I am true to myself 

I am the one who will become ANYTHING because I was born with NOTHING

I am not completely sure who I am but I've got time

I don't know who I will become in the future but I'll figure it out one day

because while I am weak, I am a fighter and I'll fight to become Great


I am perfectly imperfect.

I am me






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