You'll find me in the art room

Coverd in clay, graphite, or paint.

Or maybe in a land you've never heard of,

Where anything can take place.

And unless you call persistently,

I might not make it back

From some strange world of fantasy

That's bound in leather, front and back.

And when I've gone to see the world

On the other side of the sea

Where equatorial breezes swirl and whirl,

Just know I'm there with family.

When I come back I might be sad

Of the way things seem to fall,

But I'll still proudly salute the flag

For those who answered the call.

And Lord I pray I don't submit

Should things here go array,

For if they do, I will resist

If You will be my guide.

And that is me and yet not me

For there is always more to say;

As people, we keep changing "me"

From day to livelong day.



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