Sweet Little Girl

Sun, 09/06/2015 - 09:31 -- Nata

She is a quiet, smart 

Sweet  little girl who loves to learn

Teachers praise her up and down 

Parents envy how well behaved she is 

Their children, her classmates, though don't understand it yet

Feel insignificant and inferior 

For having to learn what she knows already.


The same little girl is a bit older now

Her body changing faster than she can understand;

Hormones going haywire, 

Hair on her face grows slow but insults fly fast. 

What was once considered a cute chubby tummy

Is now ugly fat;

And feeds the merciless kids more fuel.

Now the one who had what they had wanted

Bright future and all

Has a noticeable weak spot

Able to tear down this sweet little girl

Who still doesn't realize

They are afraid

Of who she can become.


This sweet little girl is a teenager at this point

Navigating through a fog of memories

Engrained in her brain, repeating over again

How being called fat and ugly and has a mustache

Makes her numb for so many years

Unable to see her baby fat gone

Or beauty now is hard to reach

Falls deep in her head

Memories still swirling, circling around.


I am

A girl who was bullied

Called ugly, fat, to smart, needs to shave

But I also am

A girl who learned ignore 

Eventually saw myself as beautiful 

Forged confidence and newfound care 

Out of the ugly I heard for years by my peers 

I became an interesting personality that draws attention and followers 

Combined with my smarts

Nothing can stop me. 

Still, I am only a sweet little girl

Just older

Now understands

Insults only mean others feel small

Which proves I am doing everything,


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