My Path

I am a man traversing a path,

A path that is unique in it's marrow,

Though this path is shared with friends,

With family, with many close loved ones,

And with multitudinous confreres bestowing mitigation,

It is a lonely path- at times inexorably disconsolate.


This passage holds the explanation of my anima,

With weaving trails sprouting from my ever continuous journey,

New paths are born from seeking those paths,

But many are born from descending unexpectedly,

As if a mighty river entrapped me in its elemental grasp,

Flowing with the current, steeped in conformity.


I wish to be the unsurmountable boulder,

Taking residence upon the bed of the stream,

Holding steadfast against the current,

But a boulder in time would still wither,

To devolve into a grain of sand,

The river ultimately the victor.


But my strength and my courage fail me,

my thoughts and my wits fail me,

I feel that it may be others that stumble,

my friends, family, and companions,

But it is only I who slips and falls,

On the rugged terrain of my life.


Those people in my life today,

They are me and I am them,

They are the ones who truly lift me up,

Those who prevail me through every obstacle,

The deliverers who remind me each day,

That the boulder is the agglomeration of sand,


And that only together, can we stand against the river.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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