An Act That's All Me

A lover.

Caring for all that come my way, human or animal or plant

except for ants.

And mosquitos.

And weeds.

Almost with a motto of “no being left behind”.

Call me, and I’ll talk.

E-mail me, and I’ll type.

Mail me, and I’ll write.

No distance is too far for me to bridge to help you get better.


A fighter.





My goals are my goals,

no matter the status quo,

no matter the “traditional ways”.

I want to go to space? Be an engineer? Do karate?

You better look out

because nothing will stand in my way to what I want.


Never tell me I can’t

because, no matter what


I will.



is not an option.


Yin and yang,

swirling together.

Almost confusing, illogical, crazy

Like a three-year-old’s finger painting canvas.

But nevertheless, balanced.

Quite an act,

an act that’s all me.

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