I'm Smart- Just Like You


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"You're so smart."
"You get 'A's, so you're probably doing it right."
"I'm so dumb."
"Doesn't this model look great?
Yeah, 'cause you're in her group."
Oh, I want to scream!
Scream that they are just as smart as I am
That they can do great work, too
That my work isn't perfect
That I am not perfect.

I work insanely hard sometimes
I slack off and "leave it 'til tomorrow" sometimes
But I get it done
And you can, too.
You are not dumb
But if you say it,
You are.

I don't want to be that "smart" person
Because if I have trouble
People will make fun and ask,
"Why did you fail? Why aren't you perfect?"
I'm not perfect.
But I constantly revise myself
And revise
And revise.
I find where I was wrong
And I work
Until I'm right.
I am not given "A"s if I'm smart
I'm smart if I work for "A"s
Just like you.

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