More Than a Scar

I had a good time at school that day

We went on a class fishing trip

I didn’t make a catch, yet I couldn’t wait to tell mom about it

But she was gone


I had a bad time at home that day

As I watched the police officer bust the bedroom door down

My eyes welled up with tears when she bowed her head

and I knew that my mom was dead


An empty pill bottle lay by her nightstand

And I knew that she had done it wittingly

Suicide? Suicide!?

My thoughts ran wild


How could she leave me?

Did she just not care?

Did she not think of my despair?


My grades dropped, and my heart became an empty box

It hurt to watch the dog search the house for her

It hurt to see my brother cry

It hurt to wake up and fall asleep


But I realized,

This does not define me

I am strong,

I am powerful,

I am courageous,

and I will persevere.


I picked my head up and decided,

“I’m going to do this for me”

I’ll go to school,

I’ll get good grades,

and I’ll do what I love for my own sake


I am the daughter of Karra,

But what she did will no longer bring me down

A mother wants what’s best for her daughter,

And with that I would have made her proud

So this one’s for you, mom,

Because I can move on

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