Sensless death

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:54 -- thayden

I've never had much to my name,

my parents still slave away at work,

no money or fme,

at one point we only had one fork.


Things got more difficult when my mother wrecked her car,

i was only in the fifth grade,

he back is held together by two bars,

but the pain has yet to faid.


Few years later my dad spiraled down hill,

depression took him head on,

held a gun in his hand as he was ready to kill,

one bullet would have made him gone.


Pills and therapy set him straight,

hes looking like the dad i grew up knowing,

he doesnt come home too late,

his joy is over flowing.


Two years passed,

I hd now taken his place,

my happiness didn't want to last,

My friend had shot herself in the... face.


She left in the blink of an eye,

taking a piece of all of us with her as she went.

I stayed in bed and cried,

my emotions were spent.


Panic attacks kicked in,

the mood swings got worse,

Would this be my end?

Can I overcome this force?


Something changed in many ways,

was this... joy?

Pills and talking is what i say,

i was okay.


I learned that life was so precious

and death was senseless,

I'm not very religious,

But I'd like to think theres a better place across the fence.


One suicide had been dodged in my life,

another was sadly hit head on,

I'll never understand the modge podge,

of senless deaths and people being gone.


But I am who i am,

because i learned to overcome,

I wouldve never been okay in a different land,

But I have the best friends and family from where I come.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community