A Thought Over Coffee

Most of the time, things are different

than what they seem,

friends turn out to be traitors, reliable jobs

fall thorugh, love proves inself unfaithful.


The rest that is left is exactly as it seems, it

has an apperance that is true to its nature.

No tricks or masks, it is consistent in a

World that is always changing.


We can be too skeptical, and some do not

trust these good things. They question

instead of enjoy. They often sit and ponder,

wondering if it will be the same tomorrow,

wondering how it will change things,

wondering where it will take them, 

wondering if it will cause a decline,

wondering where it will take them,

wondering if it will cause damage,


all of these doubts and worries blare in

the back of our minds, we make up excuse after excuse, not

accepting new things as they come,

we sit at breakfast, defeated again. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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