I am...

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 09:37 -- popeh

More than I was yesteday.

A constant reminder that

No matter how far you fall,

There is aways stength in tomorrow.


You have been...

Everything and everyone but youself.

An examle of conformty

Instead of indiiduailty.


 I am...

Who I am.

No one an take

This away from me.


You have been...

Codependant upon people's expectations.

A sad expession of a person's

first impression of yourphyical manifestion.


I am....

Not just a phyical maniestation.

There is a creative expresson,

My artisic voice, only by my mental capacity.


You have been...

Weak, pushed-over, fearful.

A waste of all energy

Because you are too afrad of who you are.


I am...

Stronger than ever.

I am a manifestion of

Creativity, strength, mentality, and idividuality.


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