You Got That?


Salt Lake City, UT
833 N Sir MIchael Dr
United States
Space and Time have only met me
A couple years ago,
But oh, they have not forgotten such a face.
They've seen hundreds,
Of more faces
But don't you dare tell me
That their memory empties
A single insect
Because even if they do empty
Then I am the bug they can't exterminate.
My past holds a runaway, an outcast
Escaping a prison that feeds me limits
And takes away my sense of wonder
All because I pleaded guilty in a crime
Not even committed.
I've dug a way out by
Finding a route
They've never used before.
I am a fighter
A solider
Not willing to leave the battlefield.
I am the broken one who still looks for lost pieces
Scattered in my history.
Don't you dare say I am nothing,
Don't you dare say that what I do doesn't matter
Because I have already done so much.
I've ran away from my problems
I've chased after disappointments
I have been locked away
Beaten down
But not forgotten.
What I've done
Is what makes me.
It is what writes my story
So don't tell me these things
Expecting me to start it all over.
Don't you dare tell me anything at all.
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Our world


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