Finally Realized Who I Am

There was a point and time where I didn't exactly know who I was.
I was a little introverted girl stuck in a glass box.
A glass box that I had put myself in.
Through that glass box I could see everything going on around me.
But no one could see me.
No one could see who I am.
I couldn't even see myself.
I was hiding behind a false persona.
Worried about other peoples opinions, so I became someone else.
Someone I never knew.
I was downhearted and dispirited inside.
So troubled by judgments that I became what I thought they wanted me to be.
I had no concern for my own feelings, I just wanted to be accepted.
But one day I finally realized,
I am my own person.
Today I don't let the opinion of others define ME.
I am not like them.
See once I realized I didn't need to be like them, I saw my full potential.
Once that glass box was shattered I saw the real me.
The me I wanted to see for so long was finally in the mirror staring at me.
When I saw her it became clear for me to perceive who I am.
I am me.
I am a beautiful black young lady, full of ambitions and aspirations.
I am not the typical 2015 teen.
I am not an "uneducated ghetto black gurl".
I am not a teenage girl with no morals.
I am not a sexually active teen.
I am not the average young woman.
I am beyond that.
I am no longer putting shackles on my mind to fit in with the unintelligent.
I am.. TIRED.
Tired of words like these defining my generation
And I am tired of people expecting me to fit into those definitions.
I am only ME, and never again will I be anyone else but ME.
I am so much more than what they were expecting me to be.

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