I Am Different

I have three hours to write a piece that will help you understand the title of my poem.
There are no rhymes that come to mind nor beautiful phrases.
All I have is this headache and a story.
I would love to share it with those who have a few minutes to spare.
In this world that is slowly falling apart, we run.
Where what is bad is now considered good, we give in.
We have lost the ability to be happy, attempting to paint over the truths and ignore the cracks of our own existence.
And just like the Earth itself, our past and our present are spinning on repeat.
Wars, hatred, cold-blooded murders.
From swords to a pistol, to tragedy.
We are the most beautiful, yet scariest creatures to ever live, probably in this whole universe.
Funny thing is, we're all scared of each other.
Of what we can when we get angry, sad, or even worse, lonely.
I Am one, too.
So I ask myself, then why?
Why are we stuck in this board game, hating each other, torturing each other, whispering lies, ... When all of us are glued to "Go To Jail" and the only way to get out, is if we all just sat down and gave everyone a chance to speak their piece.
Who am I? I'm no one. No one to judge you for your pains and sufferings.
If Jesus himself doesn't, how dare I?
My tears, and times of loneliness are not only mine but His.
I have slowly, but surely, learned that as the world begins to crumble, our tests and our sufferings are multiplied,
but my faith has been placed on the one whose presence is bigger than this world's.
I put aside all my hardships because it's time to be different.
To be kind, even when no one is watching.
To love, even when your heart is filled with hatred.
To forgive, even when we can't.
To be different, even when we can't see how it would make a difference in this world.
Because we have all gone through our own hells,
Seen it, felt it, breathed it, lived it.
And I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of faking it.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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