Tough Love


Meeting Point
8300 Morning Dew Court SW Byron Center, MI 49315
United States
42° 48' 49.068" N, 85° 42' 43.056" W

A's on every test without even tryin

Star Athlete on the field, goin deep and flyin

Arm and arm with the home coming queen

Bulletproof and off the chart self-esteem


My ride is sic and fast

The bling I sport is meant to last

Goin through life without a worry

The weeks are short and pass in a flurry


The mirror has became my best friend

I'm posin and grinnin like this'll never end

My life is a fairytale and I'm the prince

Get out of my way or it's gonna get tense


Cruisin the hood with my lean and lid

Scoring some beer from my Uncle Sid

Checkin my phone as I step on the gas

I didn't even see the red sign I'm about to pass


I couldn't stop in time as the car slipped into a skid

Fishtailing and spinning off the grid

Slammin into a tree and seein a bright light

My fairytale world escaping my sight


Laying in the hospital, clingin to life

My family prayin for the surgeon's knife

Wakin up days later from my deepest sleep

Finding out one of my legs I could not keep


My life would be forever changed to a slower pace

Reality would take my fairytales place

Confined to a chair and wheeling around

My bling is gone, but my soul is found


My love for life begins to transform

My God and family help me reform

I now know what's important in life

Loving eachother in a time of strife


I now have a different view from this chair

 I know now what it is to care

Thank you to those who stood by my side

As I found humiliy and gave up my pride














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