I Am... Scholarship Slam

Things happen in life 

changes happens

in the end this shapes you 

challenges are like checkpoints 

in my case it was my body

dealing with it for years 

all i could do was 

sit in my own tears always picked on 

so if you asked where I belong if I was a word in the dictionary

I would be the word "contradictive"

I look for boths side of an argument 

I'm both a jock and a geek 

two different things 

much like me 

very different in many ways 

I am both dumb and smart 

but this makes me 

I am not afraid to admit it 

Because I love who I have become 

and thats the way it should be

not just for me

but for everyone 

loving yourself is necessary 

before you can love another

I learned this the hard way

along with most things in my life

Raised to be sucessful in life

never to quit

never to back down from a challenge

never admit defeat 

thats who i am

I am mexican 

and I am proud of my race 

thats the kind of person I am 

All these qualities make me

but do i hate some 

the answer is 

of course

one thing I do not like 

is my shyness 

but its a part of me

thats who I am 

and I am happy that 

this is who I became.

This poem is about: 



This is me; all true.

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