I'll take my crooked finger and point into the mirror reflecting straight off of me,

I must've taken a step closer since I vivdly remember what I can still see.


I used my hands to domesticate my wildly untamable hair,

While I observed the face of no makeup revealing how much I truly care.


Another day at school with society awaits as I walked up the worn out steps,

I felt a thousand pairs of eyes watching me as if they could feel my soul in depth.


I bravely glance over at my enemies to view them picking out my flaws,

The curves, the bumps, the roughness, the lumps, in my dreams I must've foresaw.


I felt my leggings creep upon my skin as I almost forgot how to walk,

I was nervous and anxious surrounding my friends that my mouth was too dry to talk.


A girl wearing pounds of makeup and a skirt barely over her bottom,

Observed my pesence and sent me a chill colder than the weather last autumn.


She was taller and thinner looking down at me and saying, "Sweetheart, you need some lip gloss",

I put my hand to my lips in frustration but I knew which line I should not cross.


I swallowed my anger and contained my temper but simply licked my lips,

I said, "I dont need artificials and the attention to look as amazing as this".



#I Am... Scholarship Slam

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