I Am the Singer of Many Songs

Let me tell you the story of the singer of many songs

Who could transform words into music

Words as delicate as a blooming flower

As fierce as a flaming fire

I, the lady who could create bridges leading

To the heart, soul, and mind

Expressed through song and voice I thrive

From a girl in the crowd to a girl with a voice

A voice people wanted and needed and longed to hear

Singing as sweet as your best memory

Bringing others to their knees

The Singer of Many Songs

My songs carry me to distant places and distant times

Taken away to warm fires, cozy homes and cruel, cold lonely nights

Protected yet ripped apart by tunes that bring both solace and pain

The Singer of Many Songs

Oh, let me tell you of how I dreamed of being an artiste

Searching for something

A talent

Something I had, at first, overlooked

Until I realized music was my weapon of war

My tool that tore down others defenses

My blanket from the world and my open door

My reminders of the past

And the keepers of my hopes and dreams for the future

My way to show love, pain, joy, sorrow, hopelessness, and hope

A way to express myself

And what led to me becoming the singer of many songs, the songstress of many tunes

Music is a love of mine

And I could not be defined without it

I Am the Singer of Many Songs

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