The definition of I

I is that girl who's still looking for her purpose

Hoping it's something that would change the world 

& the perspectives of the humans brainwashed souls

I is a letter which stands for myself 

wait I mean for herself 

& the insecurities that arise every time I faces herself 

mirror walls with I staring blankly at herself 

asking God what was on his mind when he created her 

When he gave her mother egg of life and her father the soul 

Her as in I 

which stands for a female 

a female who is sterotypically viewed 

Maybe it's the hair of I 

& the lips that might be too full 

it's her skin wrapped around this brown color

maybe burnt by the sky from being too high 

These views travel up to the mind of I 

& decrease her hope for beauty 

which makes her cover her eyes for the longing of darkness 

cover her heart in the sight of the opposite sex

The problems of I 

gives her definition 

which goes back to her purpose 

which still doesn't make sense yet 

which leave I for identity 

which just leaves us with I 

which is now making this confusing 

But I am confusing 

I mean I is confusing 

Because I isn't me 

But it might be 

Signed by  I 

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