I am... Me

I am AJ.


I am a junior in high school, excited to go out and finally see the world.


I am a student, fervent, in his Health-related studies, motivated, because of the overwhelming work given to him by the rigorous classes I gladly take, impassioned, with the idea of learning and experiencing, meticulous, with the perfectionism of my work, conscious, of the times I have procrastinated with the arduous pile of work, and ever-improving, in the ethics and works he has attained as a student.


I am an enthusiast, optimistic with the endless possibilities that life has to offer, grateful with the plethora of gifts and love granted by the Father, altruistic, helping his friends and family as they too experience hardships.


I am a lover of science, excited when signing up for an event in an upcoming science competition, proud, when I received awards against students just as scientific as I, and delighted, simply because I pursue and engage in my life’s passion. 


I am a dreamful musician, ardent when I sing songs of worship in the most random of places.


I am a soft heart, one who cried at seven when I heard the cry of a goat being killed, who picked up a motherless kitten at eleven and had helped to milk it back to health.


I am a Filipino, who immigrated to America at the age of two and is still fluent in his native vernacular- Visayan (Cebuano) - , and excited to hone hi skills in the Filipino national language – Tagalog- as well as learn more about his heritage back in his homeland.


I am a friend who cares deeply, altruistic when someone needs a shoulder, and loyal to those who are loyal to me.


I am a brother who loves his younger siblings greatly, watches over them when our parents are not around, and who talks to them about how they’re day was because I truly want to know how they have been.


I am a Christian who prays to God and asks for forgiveness, aware of the sins I make because I’m a human, and mindful to the things that I do, thinking about what God would think of me.


I am a homosexual, who constantly fears failures at every step because I am afraid to let people down or they will blame it on my sexuality, who is blasted with derogatory terms and doctrines –from my parents, sometimes- that tell me I’m not good or that I will burn in hell


I am a learner, who pushes through this barrier of self acceptance, and is motivated to go farther because of the negativity that has surrounded me, a person who has learned to utilize the negative energy and choose the better path than convey negativity on others.


I am a son, desperately trying to prove to my parents that I can do it, that I can be successful even if I’m gay. A son who tries his best in everything and hopes that maybe one day, his parents can accept him for who he is and have people judge him not by his sexuality but by his worth and his character.


I am me, someone who I have learned to be proud of because I know that with the right attitude, with focus and with the passion, I can push further than I ever could as a “straight son.”


I am AJ Clifforde Sanoria Alcover, and I would not have it any other way.

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