Who I am

“Who am I?”

I ask myself as I contemplate behind closed doors

I never asked myself that before

It is not an answer that I’ve ever prepared for

Perhaps it’s because I don’t know who I am.


Maybe, I am a vast ocean that holds all of life’s mysteries

Or a ray of sunshine after a cloudy day

Maybe, I am nothing more than a shallow puddle after a rainstorm

Or the light breeze that extinguishes a flame

However, I am none of these things.


Maybe, I am a slab of soft clay that hardens over time.

Or a sponge that gradually falls apart after use

Maybe, I am a spring that bounces back after being compressed

Or a blank sheet of paper that has never been touched

I am none of these things.


I am a student.

A person yearning to learn about the world

Living in a society that revolves around education

Soaking in the knowledge bestowed to me from educators

Memorizing information  that will be of use to me in the future


I am a human.




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