I Am...

I am...

The 4.0 student

that works harder than anyone else.

The National Honor Society President

that makes everyone else's job easier.

The student-athlete

that needs to be perfect at everything.

The Big Sister

that would give anything to pull my Little out of her situation.

The one who tutors 

and gives up my own work time to help others understand on the same level that I do.


I am...

The daughter

that takes responsibility of the household when my parents are going through a hard time.

The employee

that works two jobs to save up for college.

The babysitter

who leaves the house much cleaner than I found it. 

The maid

who walks out of a clean house with the filth stuck to me. 

The best friend

who would rather go through a bad time for a friend.


I am...

The selfless person

who needs to learn to take care of myself once in a while.


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