Overcomer It Is

This poem is about: 



I ask myself who I am,

How did I end up on this track?

This is how it all began,

I will share without holding back.


"You are my sunshine",

And "eat your veggies".

Getting tucked into bed,

Couldn't sleep without teddies.


Playing with babydolls,

Swaddling and diaper changes.

From mustangs and dirt bikes,

Tire tracks and roll cages.


Family trick-or-treating,

Christmas Eve candlelight service.

Picking an angel off the tree,

Giving that helpless child a purpose.


Sports almost every day of the week,

Ball games defined me.

Baseball, basketball and soccer,

I liked them all, you see.


The joy that competition brought,

Came at a price.

Surgery was now the only option,

Not just once, but twice.


On top of recovering,

Physical therapy and slings.

Becoming stronger than before,

Ready for more obstacles life brings.


With pitching arm ruined,

That door was now closed.

New ones then opened,

And new opportunities arose.


Church nursery,

Puzzles and story books.

Babysitting after school,

Never tired of innocent looks.


Good grades were a must,

A perfectionist they called it.

With dreams in near sight,

I would not let myself quit.


With volunteering as second nature,

Loved giving back.

Wanting every child to have a home,

Not a box or a shack.


Noticing those in need,

Giving out a dollar or two.

Cooking a homeless meal,

They need it more than I do.


Exploring things each day,

With my laughter and compassion.

Getting through life,

Learning each passion.


Close knit family was shaken,

Consecutive deaths and many ill.

Hospitals and funerals,

The world became uncomfortably still.


Graduation day had come,

Cap and gown and all.

Excited, nervous and sad,

We all began to bawl.


Fall brought new things,

A new school called college.

Money and time were slimmed,

I needed to acknowledge.


A nanny I became,

My love for children grew.

A teacher I would then be,

From this point I knew.


A hospital setting I would work,

For the needs of a sick child.

Teaching them in comfort,

The rewarding feeling would not be mild.


Grateful to God for providing,

Supportive family and friends.

Giving strength to overcome,

Persevering 'till the end.


Narrowing it down to one word,

Is like taking a really hard quiz.

If I had to choose one I'd say,

Overcomer it is.


I asked myself who I am,

How I ended up on this track.

That is how it all began,

I have shared without holding back.



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