Just Because... I Am

Just because I don’t swear,

It doesn’t mean I’m square,

Doesn’t mean I’m ignorant,

Doesn’t mean I’m nice,

I’ve been saved through Christ.


Just because I don’t party

It doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun,

Doesn’t mean I can’t laugh,

Doesn’t mean I’m good,

 I’m a child of God.


Just because I don’t know the latest celebrities,

It doesn’t mean I’m behind the times,

Doesn’t mean I’m not cool,

Doesn’t mean I don’t care,

My life is not my own.


Just because I don’t flirt,

It doesn’t mean I’m stuck-up,

Doesn’t mean I’m shy,

Doesn’t mean I think I’m a prize,

                                                                 I choose to live for Christ

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