I am the authorOf a

I am the author

Of a storyrite with somthing to offer

Its time and place set, b not limited to, my imagination

A story often read with misinterpretation

The characters may come and go

but their impact is what makes the plot line flow


My major conflicts define my empirical themes

While my falling action signals the joining of two seams

My satirical tone implies my motifs, that often leads to confusion

and indirectly my seclusion


I may be quoted, criticized, praised or dismissed

All under the pretense that I am able to assist

The book belongs to its reader

and no two people have the same demeanor


To judge a book by its cover, would be to limit its potential

A problem that is truly continental

I may be lost to a library of shelves

Only to be picked up by a sould who dare delves


All I ask is to be treated with care

For my binding is left open and bare 

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