I AM (Who I Am)

I am the backpack you used
to carry in 
first grade 
and all you had inside 
were crayons 
the song on the 
that you can never seem to get out 
of your mind 
the LED of the alarm clock 
telling you 
it's 3 AM
but your mind is racing through 
restless thoughts 
and sleeping pills don't work 
I am the first time you got 
and you thought you were so 
before you found yourself wide awake 
on a stranger's bed
I don't think I will digress 
the coat in the trunk 
that you always plan to 
wear when it gets cold 
but you never do,
I don't think you want to 
I am the cup of coffee that 
gets you excited in the 
but restless in the 
as your heart pounds on
for no reason 
the rotary 
you bought only 
it was vintage 
and used 
like you 
I am the record left 
on the shelf 
because you used to 
play it on repeat 
and nostalgia hurts 
you worse than a 
bullet through your skull
the tear in your heart 
where the blood 
should be as everything 
you had ever loved slowly 
I am the grenade in 
your back pocket 
you would rather use 
on yourself 
than me 
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