What do you see when you look at me?  

Do you judge me on what I wear, the color of my hair?

We go through the day, judging people, asking ourselves “what’s out of place?”

After all it’s just human nature,

right when we see them before they even have a chance to say


But I ask you to stop

stop and think about what you’re about to do

what have you been through?


It gets to the point where you look at yourself in the mirror and no longer see yourself, rather you see what people tell you are, you’re ugly, fat, flawed, not good enough, stupid, a whore, that you’re a-


just stop.

stop and think.


What if told you that if you feel beautiful, you are.

that you’re beautiful all the time, every second of your life.

That you are not your gender, race, or economic status

That you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are needed.

Tell me...how does that make you feel?


Stop, and think for a moment.

When are we going to stop letting our judgements get the better of us?

Society does not define you, you define yourself.

People need to stop telling others they can’t wear red lipstick because it looks bad on them, or if you’re plus sized you cannot wear a bikini.

Who are we to decide?

You can do whatever you want, you are a strong and independent.

Tell me..how does that make you feel?

If you ask me who I am, I’ll tell you this,

I am not a pretty girl, I don’t wanna be, I wanna be more than that.

I am a smart girl, I can think for myself.

I am independent, I can handle the world.

So throw me a curveball, I assure you I’ll catch it.

I. Dare.   You.

I dare you to stop. To just stop. Stop being who you think you need to be, and be who you wanna be.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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