I Am

I am the electricity that shocks the air,

I am the prickling sensation of intimidation they feel;

I am the source of the shine reflected in his eyes,

I am the love that I deserve.


If you find me you’ll discover that

I am a treasure worth keeping,

Despite how much trouble I am

To cleanse of dirt and filth.


I am the strength of the earth beneath my feet,

I am the warmth of the fire that keeps us warm.

I am the power behind the curling wave,

That washes against our feet in the sand of the beach.


I am among the most fearful creatures on this earth.

I am among the most gentle creatures on this earth.

I am the lingering caress of the wind that has the potential

To rise to a howling twister in order to protect those I love.


I am the sacrifice, willingly made,

In order to show my world how much I care.

I am the inevitable end to those who threaten my foundations.

Who seek to poison my roots, my collective family.

This poem is about: 
My family


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