I Am Macy

My past is not happy

But it doesn’t define who I am today

Growing into someone special

Because of the people

That I surround myself with

Trying to be polite

But sometimes it’s not easy

When you’re shy and bashful

But slowly growing

And coming out of this shell

I can be kind and caring of others

I listen when someone needs to be heard

I might not have the right advice

But I try my best to keep them ensured

Being with kids is my love of life

They have quite the imagination

So being bored

Is not an option

They say the silliest things

And at times can be so precious

Following directions

As I am told

Being competitive at times

When it comes to sports

Or simply playing Just Dance

Listening to music is my passion

Especially Japanese Pop

Most people think it’s strange

But that doesn’t bother me

It’s okay to be different

And have different likes and opinions

Working with numbers

Is one of my biggest strengths

Sometimes I get stuck

But I keep going

Until I get it right

I’m happy with who I am

And I wouldn’t go back and change my past

Because then I may not be

The same person that I am today

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