What is Normal?

"You're not normal!"

"You're a freak!"

These words dig into my skin.

Even my parents, the ones who are supposed to love me regardless, ask,

"Why can't you just be normal?"

But what is normal?

What is this label they thrust upon me?

I ask and they say that they're normal... but what about them makes them different from me?


To them normal is

Hair perfectly straightened each morning, Uggs, shorts that shouldn't be that short, tans that look unnatural and a body starved to look like society says it should.

To them I am a freak,

Colored hair, black nail polish, holes pierced into various body parts and then adorned by jewels, my skin a canvas for art drawn in with ink, a body with curves that can't fit into their designer clothes.

I am a being with a mind of it's own, society can't touch me and yet it stains my world. 

They call me names like: Freak! Slut! Worthless! the list goes on and on... 

On the outside I'm indifferent but inside their words are like knives. 

Can't they see that their hurting me? 

I know that they're wrong but are they really?

It's only a matter of time before their words become a part of me, I start to believe it.

They're right! Their wrong! Right! Wrong!

I fight myself night after night...


For years I believed them...


They ARE wrong!

Normal is a person molded by society,

A slave to the status quo

Helpless to their own insecurities,

Conforming and losing all that makes them unique...

But that's NOT ME!


I"m NOT normal, I'm defective, unique and that's the key.

I know how to actually be me.

I can enjoy my flaws and speak my mind 

cause that's who I am and that's better than normal,

if only they could see...

I am an individual

A person who can learn to stand tall, despite their hurtful words.


So go ahead society, bash on me to make yourself feel better, I can take it.

I'm not normal but that's more than okay

because that's who I am.

I am an individual, the one and only me.

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