I Used to Like School

I used to like school,

The hub bub of kids acrossed campus,

The discusions in class,

expanding my knowledge about people, books, science, history.....

But those are things of the past. 


Some kids forget that it is a privelage to go to shool and

     create distratcions.

Some teachers forget that we have life outside of their 

    classrooms and pile on the work.

Some administrators forget we are children thirsting for

   knowledge but instead are forced to test.


I used to like school.

But as the start date draws closer,

I have found,

I dread the start of school.


This poem is about: 
My community



Then try to look at it differently. You are more thoughtful than all of those people. 

You are more aware of your world than all of those people.

This problem is a constant struggle for everyone that sees the world a tad differently.

Teachers and administrators get tired of all the kids who don't know what school is for.

Those kids can't look past today. They don't think in future tense.

It's hard.

But hey, you can just ignore them. Be your own individual. Learn on your own, for yourself. Try for yourself. And remember to smile at the fact that you will be ahead always for you know that you want to learn, and because of that you always will.

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