I Was Once And Now I Am

I was once so outgoing,

so nice, and full of life.

I listened and without a doubt believed,

oh how I was many times deceived.

I loved and never shoved,

I forgave and never worried

about being hurt or lied to again

not by a "friend"

until real life

hit me.

I was exposed to the real world

but of course,

that's part of growing up

showing up, just for someone to

show me up.

See how people play games,

with no shame, 

while I told the truth. 


Now I am not so open

So social,

so soft

but then i must remember

to never surrender

and remember,

deep in my heart

that I can't let a evil world,

make me an evil girl,

but I can learn to be loving, 

but also

a little more shoving

a little more tough

and a little more rough

at least on the outside



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