I am All these things


I am?

During the day

A intelligent person with good grades

The person that you lean on when in need

Someone you can always rely on

I am

The one you can always come to no matter what time of day

The person you can use for anything

A leader to guide you

A person to give you love

I am







But at night

I am

The blunt object

That hits you in the head with TRUTH

Who’s opinion no one WANTS but they all NEED

The jagged blade

Which slices across the skin of people who feel misunderstood

Who would much rather die than be alive

I am

The alcoholic beverage

Calming down the nerves after a stressful day

Controlling the anger, sadness, or happiness

The pills you swallow

When you want to escape the madness

Or the stress that your parents put on you

I am

The fake smile that hides all the pain

Someone who hides behind the mountain of emotions

A person who came this far

The girl that wants to prove her parents wrong

The “child” that cannot pursue the major she wants

The student who wants to go to college

I am

All these things

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