The time when school is most important is in the summertime.

Sure, there's no classes to worry about.

or homework to do, 

but there's still a lot to think about,

trying to figure out what to do about school.


I used to want to write for a living, 

Hell, I still do.

That just is practical now,

not when you're in school.


Why learn to be a writer,

when you don't need a degree to write?

Where's the motivation, 

when homework only brings a fight.

The struggle is there,

and the stress is real.


Hard decisions are made in the summertime. 

I'd like to write for a living, 

and I know that school can help,

but you don't need a degree to make a living writing.

You only need a degree to make a living--period.


So, I'm staying in school,

but switching my path.

While writing will be in my veins,

I need a more practical path, 

which means a change in my plans.


I'll be learning how to teach future generations.

Who knows?

Maybe one of them will have the guts to pick up a pen, 

and learn how to make a living by writing

the words that flow in their veins.


Maybe one of my future students will find their muse,

one day,

in the summertime.

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